When do the 2011's ship? When can one be ordered?

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  1. A couple of quick questions, I love the mustang it looks much nicer than the new camaro imo. Only thing is I would hate to buy a 2010 just to see a new engine come out in 11' . 400 Horsepower on a 5.0 would rock, especially if the weight is kept down...
  2. 2011 Mustang order bank should open in May 2010 (about 10 months from now). Production should start in late June 2010 with first deliveries getting to dealerships in late July or early August 2010 (about a year from now).
  3. I would wait.. If you buy now you will be kicking yourself when the new drivetrains come out
  4. It has been awhile since I have posted but have the rumors of a 5.0 in the 2011 mustang GT been squashed?
  5. No it's still a go... I heard that modular production is in the process of winding down to start production of the 5.0 and 6.2
  6. 4.6L 3V + Forced Induction = much more power than the upcoming 5.0L. Why wait for next year when you can be enjoying a hot car today?

    There is always a better, faster car on the horizon, so when do you draw the line and take the plunge? That's like staying single and not dating because there might be a prettier girl to go out with next year. Gotta live for the day!

  7. the new motor with it's 4.0+ bore with forced induction should make a TON more power with less mods IF it's based on the larger bore V8 family ford is developing

    very little info is available right now but the rumored bore/stroke dimensions on the new motor + the larger valves the larger bore allows is going to make for a much better platform to modify from.

    Nothing is known for certain at this point other than a 5.0 liter is planned.. but IF this thing is based on a destroked 6.2 it's going to be a sick motor

    Plus there is rumors that the GT is going to get the 6 speed trans both auto and stick

    Some of you guys may feel different but to me but I don't think waiting a year is a big deal... and I don't have a mustang right now..

    I am going to continue saving and If this motor is a large bore motor I will buy.. if it's a slightly warmed over modular I will pass
  8. Is there some sort of official link or video, something in which they have a ford representative on record saying that the 2011 Mustant GT is going to have a 5.0?
  9. It will be interesting to see how many will wait on the new motor. :)
  10. I was planning on purchasing a new GT convertible spring 2010 (haven't had a Mustang since I sold my 1997 GT), so I will probably wait to see what the 2011 has to offer. A few extra months could be worth the wait.
  11. Why the hell would ford do that.. They would have a TON of leftover 2010 models

    It's been known for a long time ford is working on replacements for the modulars

    Ford can not compete in the truck market with the modulars so they designed new v8's The new v8's are supposed to fix the one flaw in the modulars... the bore size

    this 5.0 is also going to go in the F-150

    BTW bill ford already let it slip that a 400 horse gt is on the way
  12. What the hell is your problem? All I did was ask a question. People have been talking about ford bringing the 5.0 modular back in the GT Mustang since 1996. All you have to say is no I have not heard anything.
  13. I did not mean that to be a insult or yelling at you or anything like that.

    The reason why they would never announce a major upgrade like this because they want to sell the current stock..

    There is some pics of the new 5.0 it's not a modular and it's not the old 5.0 from the fox days.. it's a all new motor and not too much is known about it. More is known about the 6.2 at this point..

    The reason for this new motor and the 6.2 is ford needs better powerplants for the truck market. the 3v 5.4 is nowhere near the HP levels offered by the rest serious truck makers.

    I guess ford is going to use the new 5.0 engine in the F-150 and mustang where the 6.2 is for the SD

    I heard some rumors of a 625 HP 6.2 SC motor for the gt-500 but I hav eno way of confirming this..

    BTW external dimensions and weight of the 6.2 is said to be about the same of the 5.4

    Not sure about the weight of the 5.0.

    Well if you google 5.0 coyote and 6.2 boss you will find some info on these motors
  14. I'm with you on this. I'm already thinking about supercharger and I don't even have the car yet. Has anyone used any of the kits from Ford racing? They look good but I'm betting they are more $$ than the others.
  15. I'd wait for the 5.0. It's all but confirmed. Part numbers have been leaked, etc.
  16. Shoot- I've been kicking mustang tires since the 2005 came out. If you can't wait a year to buy a car when you know for a fact the the next model year is going to be much improved, you have issues with patience. At the very least, you should wait until the 2011 comes out and get yourself a nice discount on the 2010. The 2010 is a very nice car, but a 2011 will be everything the 2010 is plus a new drive train:rock:manual six speed please!
  17. Agreed.. buying a 2010 is kind of like buying a 97 Z28 in 97 when everybody knew the LS1 was on it's way
  18. Bill Ford was referring to the 400hp FRPP blower you can already buy and have dealer installed and included with your financing. Our store did one recently one an '09 Bullitt. Turned out very nice.

    I have heard from some connections within Ford that the 5.0L will not make it into the 2011 Mustang, after all. Maybe 2012 or later, but not 2011.

    Again, one could speculate on the "next big thing" ad nauseum, while missing out on enjoying a new Mustang today, or buy a new Mustang now, do some mods, and enjoy that pony now. Life is short; why wait?
  19. Why does everyone get all gushy about a 6 speed? It will likely be just another overdrive gear the purpose of which is highway mileage. Probably heavier, too.
  20. Exactly! 4th gear will still be a 1:1 ratio. 5th will remain around .7 to .8 ratio. 6th will be an excessively overdriven .5 to .6 ratio for better highway mileage. 1st through 4th gears will retain the same effective gearing and spacing, so there's not going to be any acceleration improvements.