When do the 2011's ship? When can one be ordered?

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  1. I guess if anyone bought these cars for their gas mileage they should have considered something else. Not that it's not a factor, but probably not the first thing you consider when you make a decision to buy a car in this class, and if it is, buy the V6? Or a prius? :shrug:

  2. Sounds like you are in the business of selling Mustangs? No offense, but if I were in your shoes I would be pushing 2010s too. ;)
  3. :lol: I can see how somebody that buys cars for looks would get a 2010 and not care but I buy them for the powertrain
  4. I kinda agree on that .. We all agree that the 2010 looks great .. and while a rise from 300 to 315 is nothing really to jump at .. 315hp to 400hp is ... Alot of guys talk about getting a S/C.. wouldnt you want to just buy a car that has almost as much HP NA , as to spending the money to buy a S/C???
  5. I may work at a Ford dealership, but I'm not here to push 2010's; I'm here as an enthusiast trading info back and forth. I've owned six Mustangs and currently have a supercharged '07 GT. I'd love to see 400 hp for the 2011's, but I'm hearing (from within Ford) that it's been delayed (hopefully not indefinitely), and it will likely be the 2012 model now before we get the new 5.0L in a Mustang.
  6. well then that just makes the Bullitts and Shelby Gts even better bargains ...:D
  7. Shelby GT's were NOT bargains. Shelby charged way too much for their conversion ($10K+), IMO, for what you got. The Bullitts, however, were quite a deal ($3310) for all they offered. I'd take an 08/09 Bullitt over a Shelby GT anyday.
  8. Both were great cars but I always thought the Shelby GT was the much better looking one IMO. The Bullitt had that sleeper look to it, but the 05-09 stangs just looked funny without anything in the grill, I think anyway. At least with the 2010 the grill doesn't look so blah on the V6.
  9. New ?? No they were not .. but now I see a few with under 5k miles for under $27k ... thats much less than a well equiped 2010 Gt ..
  10. If thats true I will wait until 2012..

    But if that is the case this is horrible for mustang sales since it's no secret that a new powertrains are in the works and thats a big reason mustang sales have dropped off.

    Hell even at my old employer in a very affluent area where mustangs are bought as 3rd or 4th cars sales of mustangs just about stopped
  11. The six speed factor is definitely NOT the first thing I am considering, yet it is a cool thing to have. The competition has it for a reason. When you are out on the highway just cruising to "Point B", it does save some gas having that ability to lower the rpms.

    If the 2012 ends up being the first year for the 5.0, so be it. I get the "you only live once" type cliches, but I only buy a new car once in a blue moon and plan to keep it for several years if not a decade plus. I'm hoping to get one of the last "gas guzzlers" before President Obama tells me to choose between a Prius and an Insight. No ecoboost for me. I want the guzzler.

    Did I just contradict myself?
  12. Is Ford still supplying engines for Jaguar?

    If so the XF has gotten a 5.0 V8 for 2010 to replace the S/C'd 4.2 V8 they had last year.

    I wonder if it's the same V8 in question.
  13. I've wondered that, too. The last AJ-V8 for Jaguar was done during Ford's ownership of Jaguar. That was the 4.0L V8 that went in the Jaguar Type-S, but was shared with the Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird. They rounded down to 3.9L for the Lincoln and Ford so that Jaguar could be the "bigger" motor, even though they were the same.

    The new Jaguar 5.0L V8 was developed almost entirely while Ford still owned Jaguar. Would make sense to share costs by using it within Ford, as well. Jaguar's 5.0L V8 makes about 380 hp N/A, or 510 hp supercharged. That would be plenty in a Mustang, and a great foundation to build upon.
  14. Ive heard the 6Speed Manual and Automatic arent coming untill model year 2014. Also the mustang is supposed to go to an IRS from the rumors in 2014. Well see !!!
  15. I disagree. I've touched base on it in other threads, but new engines always have teething issues. SVTTech76, you mentioned the LS1, but keep in mind that the 1997-1999 LS1s had thin piston sleeves which were prone to hairline fractures, plus they suffered from oil starvation issues. It wasn't until 2000 that the LS1 really became what it needed to be.

    The 4.6L went through how many versions; 3 or 4 before finally getting to where it's at today, each time with big improvements? Isn't the same scenario very possible with this new Coyote engine?

    The 4.6L platform is tried and true. We know it works. We don't know anything about this new 5.0L engine. Yeah, it may make 400 hp, but is it going to be a good block? It's always a risk with modifying a new engine, or even just purchasing a car with a non-proven engine.

    I guess for me personally, I'd go with the 4.6L because I already know it's going to be reliable. Then, after the 5.0L has been out for about 4-5 years, I'd be ready to take the next step.

    Another person mentioned that those who buy the 2010 are impatient. I'd disagree with that statement. I'd just call it, "Playing it safe and covering my arse."
  16. I'd been looking at getting a GT for the past few months and had been struggling with whether to get one now or wait and see what happens with the '11 and the possibility of the coyote engine. I can't remember any time when Ford has increased horsepower by close to 100. They like to trickle out an extra 15-20 horsepower every year or so. Even the threat of big horsepower differences vs the competition hasn't made them jump (F-bodies in the mid-late 90's and now with the new camaro and challenger).

    This all leads me to believe that the 4v 5.0 won't end up in the plain GT, at least any time soon. They'll probably save it for some special edition like a mach 1/bullit.

    Think I'm going to wait a few months till the afterglow from the cash for clunkers sales wear off the dealers and then I'm gonna try get a deal on a new '09 GT.
  17. Ah, now someone's thinking! I'm not sure buying any recent MY Mustang is a "bad idea" - paying too much for one may be, though. Anyone considering a 2010 should definately wait until next year - if you have a price you can go to, but not much higher, if the rumours come true about the 2011, the 2010 will be deeply discounted, across the board. A 400hp 2011 Mustang is going to hurt <2011 GT sales AND GT500 sales (assuming the 2011 GT is $10k less than the snake) - not saying it'll kill these two off, because there'll still be some who can't go to the 400hp, and some who want the 500+ svt, but no doubt, both models will be hurt.

    Next year should be an awesome time to buy a Mustang - pick up a deeply discounted <2011, or pick up a shiney new 5.0! (we hope, right?!?)
  18. As many versions as Ford released with the 4.6L, I'd be so inclined to believe the same will happen with the new 5.0L. IMO, I wouldn't want to get stuck with a "virgin" block and wind up with issues that could be avoided by waiting a few years for the new engine to prove itself, and then buying.

    It's all relative. You could say, "What if the 5.0L comes out next year," and what if it doesn't? Then, once the 5.0L comes out, you can say, "What if it has more hp next year?" It's just a vicious circle that continuously goes around. If everyone kept waiting for "the next best thing," nobody would ever buy anything.
  19. Waiting til 2011 is just the smart thing to do. At worst, a few lost months, at best, save $K's on a <2011 or get a 5.0 (which may, or may not have 1st run issues).

    This isn't the same as never buying - from 2004 to 2009, no reason to wait, but when the rumour-mill runs like it is now, definately wait.
  20. I see what your saying but ford does not release a all new motor often.. 1996 was the last time that happened

    I think it's worth it to wait for the all new motor for many reasons..

    BTW I doubt there will be any issues with the new motor.. All the new motors ford has released in recent years have been just fine