When do the 2011's ship? When can one be ordered?

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  1. The last time Ford introduced a new motor was in 1996, which was the 4.6L, correct? Since then, it has undergone a lot of makeovers. Any new motor is going to have teething issues; it's just a fact of life. It's just like with any new model of a vehicle.

    I'd hate to bring up Camaros in this post, especially because they're not built by Ford, but look at the hype surrounding them. Oddly enough, nobody's talking about the 70+ problem areas that they have in their first year of production.

    I'm not saying that everybody should forget the 5.0L and buy the 4.6L, but in my personal case, I'm not going to hand a company $30,000 of my money to own a "test bed" for a new motor.

    IMO, the Eco-Boost V6 is a more important motor than the new 5.0L. It's going to be Ford's bread and butter. This Eco-Boost will be found all across Ford's charts, including Lincoln and Mercury, and not to mention, there will more than likely be a version found in the V6 Mustang. The V6 in the Mustang was pulled straight out of a Ford Ranger and a pretty old version of the Taurus. This is a good, reliable motor, but it's very aged. Not to mention, it really doesn't induce much driving inspiration.
  2. The ecoboost will not be the motor for the v6 mustang.. Too expensive and to close to the GT in power

    You will see the 3.5 or 3.7 but not the ecoboost.. maybe sometime down the road a ecoboost 4 cyl mustang but no way they are going to give the v6 mustang a base 360 HP motor that costs that much to build..

    The reasons for the changes in the 4.6 over the years was to try and keep that motor somewhat competitive.. Now they have reached the end of the road with what they can do with that platform in a N/A OEM application..

    I have been a ford tech for quite some time and I can't remember a new engine that had issues... the latest motor ( 3.5,3.7 cyclone v6) has been perfect even the hybrids are trouble free..

    New engine platforms these days take so much time in development that reliability is not a issue when they come out.. these 5.0 and 6.2 V-8's have been in development and testing for so long now that I am sure they worked out any issues..

    Plus nothing in this engine family is new tech.. Ford knows how to build a engine and they know what works and what does not.

    Your much more likely to see issues in the rest of a new model car than you are in the motor.
  3. I'm not so sure that it would be a bad idea or too expensive to put a powerful engine in the V6 Stang. The Camaro received the engine out of a Cadillac, and I can't imagine that's cheap, and being as the Eco-Boost will be installed in so many vehicles, it may just be cost-effective...and it sure would be nice to see the V6 Stangs wipe up on Camaro V6s.
  4. the v6 mustang will be pretty quick with a 3.7 in it.. should be about 270-280 horse if they want they can get 300 out of it

    the twin turbo ecoboost is a really expensive motor to make.. I really doubt they will install that motor in a entry level v6.. plus it's to close in power to the v-8 model..
  5. Not to mention the mustang still has the weight advantage so even if it's only 270 HP it should still be competitive with the V6 Camaro. I don't see the ecoboost in a mustang for many reasons, and besides, most V6 owners buy them because they're more affordable, they're not buying the V6 for power.
  6. Rumor has it that recently GM has "caught wind" of the GT's Track Pack, and may be offering a similar option next year on the 2011 Camaro. We'll see.

    IMO, with all the hype the Camaro is receiving, Ford really needs to stick it to GM, and what better way to do so than to drop a 300+ hp V6 into the standard car, and then drop the new 5.0L into the GTs? GM really came out smelling like a rose after dropping a 304 hp V6 into the standard Camaro, especially considering that the LS1 was only rated at 305 hp 8 years ago.

    So what if Ford doesn't drop in the Eco-Boost TT? No biggie, but I think they do need to drop in something with nearly 290 hp. Not only would that Mustang be lighter than the Camaro, but it would handle quite well. Take a 300 hp V6, add a Track Pack, and that's going to be one awesome V6. Considering the lighter weight of a V6 over a V8, it may just handle better than a GT, too. :nice: It sounds like a nice recipe for success.
  7. The camaro v6 is rated at 304 but the LS-1 was underrated at 305.. it really made about 345 at the crank..

    Ford can easily get 300 HP out of the 3.7 v6 without jacking up the price of the base mustang to make up for the cost of the ecoboost motor.

    Maybe at some point a smaller cheaper ecoboost will make it's way into the mustang but I would be SHOCKED if ford offered the current ecoboost motor in a base mustang.

    This is what I think the new motors will be

    Base 3.7 Cyclone

    Gt 5.0 coyote

    Gt-500 6.2 S/C ( I have heard rumors of a 625 HP prototype being on the road for months now.. supposedly this car has a 6.2 S/C in it)

    I could be wrong but this is what makes sense to me...
  8. Hopefully Ford can tweak with the suspension so the GT500 can launch and get better 1/4 mile times with that kind of power.

    And everyone gets all excited about a V6 Camaro making only 10 less HP than a Mustang GT and they forget about torque. So it makes 304 HP, big whoop, its still not even close to a GT in 0-60 times or 1/4 mile times.
  9. Everybody knows that the LS1 was underrated, but regardless, the dealer literature had the LS1 rated at 305 hp. Anybody that wasn't a car person and just wanted a V8 Camaro wouldn't have been the wiser.

    As for the Mustang's competition, the V6 models have more competition than the V8 models:

    1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe- 306 hp

    2. Chevy Camaro LT- 304 hp

    3. Mitsubishi Eclipse GT- 265 hp (I think...)

    4. Nissan Altima Coupe 265 hp (I think...)

    5. Dodge Challenger- 260 hp

    Those are only to name a few. To be competitive from a horsepower standpoint, Ford is obviously going to have to "pick it up."
  10. If ford doesn't go with the 5.0 next year they could get 350hp out of the 4.6 N/A.
  11. True. There's no reason Ford shouldn't be able to pull 350 hp out of the 4.6L. If the ricers can pull 330 hp (Nissan 370Z) out of a 3.x V6, there's no reason that Ford can't do it with nearly 1/3 more displacement.

    There are a lot of very stout 4.6s roaming the streets.
  12. From a price point..I can understand why the Eco-Boost wouldnt make it into the Mustang, along with the HP persepective to the GTs. With a different H/C setup, yes the mustang could get 350hp in its base models...but thats going to drive up costs for sure. If the 5.0 doesnt launch this year or next, expect the Hp rating to stay at 315hp. As far as Fords concerned the 4.6 is on its way out, and its not going to spend the extra dough on a more powerfull 4.6 GT just to discontinue it in year or years to come.

    Im glad the V6 is getting a boost from the 3.7 260-280hp engine, it needs it. Finally some umph under the pedal.

    Theres been alot of talk about a "Track Pack" with the new Camaro , I HOPE SO lol...see thats why I told those guys to wait. Also I hear GM has been in the works of New powerfull Turbo V6 to compete with the Eco-Boost. Some exciting years to come for sure !!!
  13. I have read a few of the posts but not all...is it true the '11s release date is being pushed back? I just bought a '10 and am kicking myself for not waiting.
  14. You should have waited...
  15. Really? Given a good deal I'd be happy to buy the right 2010. 100 extra HP is always welcome but the 4.6 is no loser.
  16. sorry dual post, read below
  17. I have the option of picking up a 2010 at invoice, Just not sure if I should wait and order the 2011 instead.

    According to NADA MSRP on the 2011 GT Premium is $32,845, but pricing it out on cars.com $29,645 MSRP $27,385 INVOICE

    Anyone know the pricing? I heard folks are able to build/order at the dealer, and yet nobody has a great deal of info.
  18. not sure about the pricing myself. the dealer called me monday and said they are ready to order (Walnut Creek CA). Think ill head over Saturday since i work. I'll see if i can get a copy of the option sheet