When do you know your shocks / struts need to be replaced?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 2002GreyGT, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. I have a 02 GT with 59K miles on it, and its my daily driver. I have been bottoming out a lot lately on bumps that I used to not.

    I don't have any suspension work done, been waiting until I had to replace something before I dove in to it.

    So, how do you know when your S/S need to be replaced?

    What is a good setup? I would not mind lowering the car a little to get rid of that 4x4 look, but nothing to extreme. Something that wont HURT the ride quality.

    Opinions and prices would be nice...

  2. Usually if the shocks/struts are leaking that means they are shot lol. Also if the ride quality has gone to crap that could mean shot shocks/struts. To see if the shocks/struts are functioning properly take one that is suspected to be shot off and compress it by hand. Does it go down smooth, too much resistance, not enough? Then let it go. Does it rebound fast, get stuck, go from slow to fast at the beginning/end of the rebound stroke?

    I liked my previous setup alot (before going to coilovers). It consisted of Tokico HP shocks/struts (Ebay, $245), Eibach Pro-Kit springs (Ebay, $270), and Maximum Motorsports 4 bolt C/C plates (MM, $200). Ride quality was pretty much like stock. A bit more aggressive, but not harsh by any means. Also, if you're going to replace your shocks/struts you should probably replace your rear axle stabalizer shocks (Quad shocks). Mine were shot with only 10k miles hah.
  3. The FRPP M5400A kit is what you want. As for how do you know, if they are stock and the car has more than 5000 miles they need replaced as the stockers are garbage.
  4. How much does that kit go for?
  5. another sign of when you need to know they need to get replaced is that the car feels like its floating over bumps
  6. like a caddy :D
  7. I would go with more drop than the bullitt kit but that is me.

    the best deal I see for the money with a decent drop is the tokico HP kit ~$375 or so off ebay.1.25 or 1.5 can't remember which. the bullitt suspention will drive nice but it only like .75-1 drop. that is not enough for these years IMO.

    I went with bilsteins due to their rep for quality. I like replacing things once. they will last for 100k+ and have a real lifetime waranty no catches. more money though.
  8. Anyone have a picture of the Tokico springs/shocks/struts on their car? I'm wondering how it looks.
  9. As far as knowing when to replace them, if you live in Michigan, you'll need to do it every 75-100 miles. :rlaugh:

  10. Teh Truth. :nonono:
  11. On average most vehicles ride control start to go bad around 60-75k
  12. Chances are you could be looking at weekended springs. Yous shocks/struts won't stop you from bottoming out, if the springs don't assist them.

    Test your shocks and srings by having two guys push down at the same time (on areas that won't dent) on each of the four suspension areas. Do none at a time and have them push down, let it come back up and as it does, push down again and hands off. Watch to see if it moves back down, or levels out at the top, without (on it's own) trying to dip back down.

    If it tends to bounce back down, instead of stay at the top, it's likely shocks/struts.

    If it levels out nicely, chances are your springs are getting weak.

    That's the old test and probably still the current test.
  13. I suggest you switch out shocks/struts and the springs at once, just so everything is balanced out. Atleast buy a kit or call a company and see what setup works good with each other.
  14. go outside and push down on your car a couple times, if it bounces more than once before coming to rest then your shocks are shot
  15. I dunno, that one does not work so good with the stiff dampers typically installed on Mustangs. When you push down there is no give even on stock setup. That technique does work well with sedans though. You really have to drive it to tell when it is a Mustang...
  16. :shrug: thats just what my dad always told me...