When I drive too long at 4-5000 RPM, My 4V...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by tygr1, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. ...seems not to like it!?! I get a 'check eng light'. What's up with that? I've been getting it since I got the car a month or so ago...I just assumed it didn't like the way I was driving it around at higher RPMs...NOW it's starting to get annoying.

    It clears itself after a day or two or after a nice, easy drive around (still after a day or two).

    It stopped for a week or so after removing the air silencer and dropping in a K&N element.

    Car also has 3:73s, weld in Delta 40s, otherwise stock...with 108,000 miles on it...I assure you, it still runs perfectly!

    Anyone??? Thanks in advance kids!
  2. uhhhh why in the hell would you want to hold your rpms that high??????????You cruise at that rpm? Why dont you shift? Your check engine light is proably coming on to tell you that your chugging too much gas or you need to pull your head out of your a$$ and shift!!! Dont take this wrong but if you just hold your rpms that high for cruising you really should have got an automatic
  3. Well if the engine light is coming on...it's not running perfectly :)

    I wouldn't run the car that high of an rpm for extended times like you do...cars are pretty forgiving but you got to draw the line somewhere :nice:

    Sorry don't know why it would do that...maybe bad gas...pinging?...triggers Light????
  4. I agree! :bang: :bang: :bang: :notnice: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. Are you trying to blow up your motor???
  6. im sorry i didnt mean to sound like an a$$hole earlier but in all seriousness if you are intentionally running it that high then all you doing is burning oil and causing your engine to prematurally wear due to a higher amount of friction caused by ur internals pumping at that rpm
  7. "When I drive too long at 4-5000 RPM, My 4V... "

    That is just crazy. :shrug: :notnice:
  8. that is why they make a 5th gear......................man!
  9. Well apparently all of you a$$wipes only know how to drive in a straight line. Ever heard of "High Performance" Automobiles? WTF? Are you a bunch of wannabes or what?

    Does anyone with any knowledge of this situation know why I trip a light while driving my car in the twisties at 4-5000 RPM...WHERE IT SHOULD BE.

    These GT pu$$ies are one step above ricers when it comes to driving a car I guess.
  10. You're a ****ing idiot. Log off life.
  11. you have to get the code pulled. if the light is off, there should still be a code stored in the computer. pulling that code should give us a stepping stone on where to go.
  12. high performance doesnt mean you can abuse it stupid A$$!!! Im also willing to bet my "****" GT could wipe to floor with your 4 valve, well atleast with your stupid a$$ driving! You sound like the ricer, coming in here bashing on another modular motor which by the way the PI 2 valve is a dead even race with a 96-98 4 valve so grow up or go join the guys over at the srt forum
  13. Settle down everyone. If tygr1 does autocross style racing then it's totally understandable that he is running at higher rpm's. Every heard of braking with the motor and not the brakes??? Anyways, you need a scaner like a Snap-On Vantage to read what the code is. If you don't have one, Ford or an auto shop should be able to pull it for you.
  14. yeah i have heard about breaking with the motor during AUTOCROSS! He said he was "driving it around at higher rpms" driving around is completly different from autocrossing...or to him apparently it isnt
  15. Are you SCCA racing or just driving like a maniac on curvy state maintained roads? I don't think its a good idea to drive a car with 100K + miles on it like that unless you've done a rebuild/suspesion or atleast something.

    I probably wouldn't have posted this myself because I would have figured that the car wasn't going to like it and folks here would have given you the feedback that you have gotten so far. I don't think anyone here can really help you out except advising you to get a Nascar or Indy car and hitting Infineon Raceway instead of a Cobra with 100k + :flag:
  16. Bdcardinal and 6Stang7...thanks gentlemen.

    The rest of you kids who responded to this thread...you don't even know what you don't know..LOL.

    When any one of you can outdrive me...anyplace, anytime...I might be interested in your comments...any of you ever done any REAL racing? Do you even know how to drive a car HARD? Not without hurting it I guess.

    Sorry guys, but I just had to call you on this one...you pissed me off with your UNCALLED for insults and stupid assumptions. Immature ignorance...oh well...I had plenty of that once my own self!

    To each his own...peace. Idiots.
  17. Oooh, I didn't mean to sound like a jerk earlier, but it's my car and motor to drive as I please.

    :rolleyes: :p
  18. Obviously in the twisties 3k rpm+ is ideal, but they aren't at that RPM for allll that long. From your post people are percieving that you are on the highway for long periods of time at 4500+.. thats why they are freaking out. I'm not a Pu$$y.
  19. this guy cant be serious
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