When I drive too long at 4-5000 RPM, My 4V...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by tygr1, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. tygr i also have notice that you are way to hard on yourself when it comes to your age!! 48 is young man!!!!!!
  2. no it isn't. don't kid yourself. :D
  3. tygr1, Like some people said earlier, get the code read to see what is tripping the light. It could be many things that cause it. It could be going Rich or Lean at those R's, it could be an o2, but it is impossible to know exactly what the problem is and how to cure it without the code.
  4. woo hoo!

  5. 48yrs old and can outdrive us all...I'm impressed :shrug:


  6. In your car! :rlaugh:

    Woooo-hoooooo! I'm askin' for it now eh? :banana:

    I'm just playin' with ya' man. Hell I can't outdrive my wife!

    Please...no one else take offense to my silly defensive comments...I'm over it already.

  7. Thank you VERY much! That is one awesome Mach!
  8. You can outdrive me in my car?...hmm...okay... :rlaugh:

    Anyways...serious question...do you think your Cobra is fast or something...or that it is so much faster than these 99+ Gt's...just wondering?
  9. Oh no...please don't get me wrong...my Cobra is not faster than most anyone's Mustang. Dude, read the whole thread.

    Don't be insecure...you can take me ok?
  10. OT: Wingless > All!
  11. Insecure?... :rlaugh: ...I asked if you thought your car was fast...

    Oh by the way I read the whole thread :nice:

    I just asked you a simple question...you talking lowly on these 99+ GT's (I'll get you the quote if you want since I read the whole thread :D )...when they run right beside your 98 Cobra...

    And no I couldn't take you...unless you don't know how to drive (straightline)...I will here in a couple days (FTI combo)...oh wait...I'm bench racing :bang:
  12. When I'm in the twisties (that means a tight, twisty road, for all you drag racers), I never go below 7500-8000 rpms.


    Course that's on a sport bike :)
  13. awww...c'mon..skeered?? :D

    I'll race ya in my cobra...the AH-1W cobra that is...

    J/k...all's ok :cheers:

  14. That's cool...congrats. Sorry, I was just ducking attacks.

    What is the FTI combo? I'm ignorant when it comes to all these coool abbreviations.

    BTW...exactly when did I badmouth any 99+ GTs? In fact, now that I think about it...what the hell is your point in posting in this thread? LOL

    So, how much is this FTI combo going to get you?
  15. Your second post: "These GT pu$$ies are one step above ricers when it comes to driving a car I guess."

    It is short for a company ( www.flowtechinduction.com ) ...it is a heads, cam, intake combination...mine is AFR 165 heads, custom cam, Performer intake, Scorpion RR's,...etc...It should net me around 340-350 horsepower (at motor)...get me in the low 12's @ 110mph or so and still be my daily driver...so he is giving me a nice "torquey" cam and all that mess...you got to pay to play though :nonono: :nice:

    My original point was just deflating your ego during the first part of the thread...but now you've turned around...I had to get a crack at you sometime :D

    You pulled the codes yet?...any track times (drag strip) for your Cobra...?

  16. Wow...now that would be nice power/torque to have coming out of a corner!

    Corner...that's a curve in the road for all you straight liners.

    Couldn't resist.

    I still didn't dis any Mustangs...geeez...you kids!

    Good luck with your car.
  17. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: Dumb A$$, I guess when your rich and you can afford a new engine every 6 months it would be worth it to drive your poor car like that.
  18. when will this get locked??? LOL
  19. When the last Rookie Racer wannabe gets his stupid a$$ comment in to take me down a notch.

    C'mon guys...I'm only 5'3" now...after this thread!

    I have never in my life seen so many insecure personalities in one place before! Me thinks maybe they expect their cars to make up for something they themselves lack.

  20. So it must be all the stangnet members fault but not yours :shrug:

    These "kids" seem to know a bit more than you :shrug:

    Are you the guy I usually see flying around the curve (blind curves or not)...and are in the other lane :shrug:

    Do I have to pull out the quote again :shrug:
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