Fuel When I Pump Gas

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  1. When Pumping Gas it sometimes pumps 10$ worth then it starts stopping every 20 cents. Pressure is ok, I take the nozzle out and put it back and still the same thing happens. has anyone else had this issue? I notice it more at some gas stations more than others. I've also tried different pumps and still I get the same thing. It's very annoying and time consuming. Any help would be appreciated.

    thank you!
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  2. It's a venting problem. The vapors inside the tank are displaced by the liquid fuel going in and need a place to go. The filler pipe has a vent but it may be clogged. This is most likely if you don't have a check engine light on. If the vent solenoid on the EVAP canister gets stuck the symptom can be similar but will usually trip the MIL. I have seen where spiders actually have built nests inside the vent tubes which causes a blockage. Something about the vapors that they like, I guess.
  3. What year is your car? 2005-2009 can't be filled or have a filling issue from 1/4 to 3/4 tank. You can only fill the tank when it's less then 1/4.
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  4. Try turning the nozzle completely upside down when you pump.

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  5. Cool thank you all for the info, ill try the upside down pump method. If that doesnt work, then i will go take it to a mechanic to check the venting problem.
  6. IT's not a venting problem, its a design flaw in the tank.
  7. Really?

    I have never heard that before, but then I think too many people run the car low before gassing anyways. I top off about every time I go out in any of my vehicles, usually at one of two BP stations. I'm new to these Mustangs, we just got our 2008 June 19 ..... but we've gassed it several times now and sometimes from only 4 - 6 gallons from full.

    Now you have me going to do some research. :shrug:
  8. so besides holding the pump upside down, is there any other way to fix this permanently?
  9. Bugged me out first time I experienced it I was coming home from Ford Weekend at Carlisle I had 1/2 tank and I wanted to top off for the 300 mile drive home and it would take 20 cents and puke some out. I had to drive until less then 1/4 tank before I could fill up.

  10. Did that work for you?
  11. like a charm!! holding the pump upside down worked perfectly. it wont spill either when it gets full, it will stop like a normal tank is supposed to.

  12. Strange, isn't it? I have to do the same thing with my wife's 06 from time to time.
  13. well even if its strange, thank you for the tip! It saves me a lot of aggravation at the pump.
  14. I get this same problem in the uk with my 05 s197 ,but ive found some petrol stations worse than others
  15. Upside down always works for me. I don't start at upside down, most of the time it fills fine. When it acts up I just flip it and finish though.