when porting and polishing heads and intake??

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  1. i posted this at other forums, so i can get different views and opinions from alot different people, because the more information i can get the better it is for me so i dont end up screwing up and making a costly mistake.

    i plan on buying a set of 1.8 roller rockers soon and placed and order for 1/2" intake spacers. i thought since im going this mod why not do some other free mods that will complament the ones im paying for.

    so i plan on porting and polishing my heads and intake and half shafting my TB. i pretty much get the jist of the process. but (like always) i have some questions.

    i only plan on doing like a mild port work like mostly gasket matching however, alot of polishing work.

    1) should i use aluminum polish on the runners, TB, heads, and inlet to get a good smooth finish?

    2) will i have to replace my gaskets or can i reuse my old ones?

    3) for the time being i will have a N/A set up (when i get boost, i will buy fully ported intake and heads that will flow alot more), so just for now while i have my N/A setup, should i taper down the lower intake like gasket match on the upper/lower part and slightly port on head/lower side? or just gasket match through out it?
    i read that when it tapers like that it helps air velocity.

    4) the heads seem alittle tricky to me, any tips on how to do the combustion chambers?

    5) any other tips and/or advise with removal, installation, and the work it self?

  2. Well I had looked into doing the work myself once, now I'm not so sure, looks to be a difficult task on the heads, but not impossible.

    I would attempt the intakes myself but not the heads, I would leave it to a professional.

    Get new gaskets for sure, don't re-use old ones. If you port the intakes to much you will lose air velocity and hurt performance.

    There is alot to it, I would be careful though. Knowing what I know now I would pay someone else just in case I was to F it up!

    Good Luck :nice:
  3. porting and polishing isnt for a novice,believe me it takes skill and time and patience.i would seriously recommend u getting someone to do it for you,dont do it yourself.plus if you have any problems after the work is done u have warranty so they will have to fix it for u.just my opinion.later.
  4. DO NOT polish the intake ports, it will cause puddling, but ALWAYS polish the exhaust ports
  5. umm yea, it would cause puddling, if there was any fuel in the intake on a ford 3.8. dude, the injectors are in the head go look at your motor right now. there is never any fuel in any of the intake runners. in a carburated motor, i would definitly say leave the walls rough cast, becuase it would give better fuel atomization, but with these dry intake manifolds, it doesnt really matter.
  6. :owned:

    Yea I am with everyone else, not to port your own heads. I could see maybe the intake manifold.

    (and the owned thing I am just giving you a hard time :nice: )
  7. it's a hell of alotta work to do it by hand, either get done by a rpo or get to know your dremel too real well
  8. nevermind