When was D.Hearne banned?

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  1. I would like to opine that the decision to do so was pretty fornicating stupid. He was a wealth of technical information. If he was in fact banned, I challenge the mod who took that decision to step up to the tech forum with the same knowledge and acumen that D.Hearne brought to this site.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Having spoken to people about (being former staff can sometimes keep you in the loop ;) ) it in the past (it's been months since D.Hearne's been banned), he had received several warnings from timeless2 about staying on topic in FIGHT CLUB of all places, for commenting about members being from Canada, and getting involved in US politics. Timeless2 seemed to take exception to it and banned him. Pretty poor reasoning if you ask me, but eh, I resigned from staff because of many things I didn't like, including things being taken personally and staff action being taken as a result.
  3. I agree, that was a stupid ass decision.
  4. I think he should be allowed back on the forums too!
  5. I'm in as well. Had my own issues with a MOD (Shhhhhh, he was a Canadian!); and it started to bother me somewhat. Guess what, I seem to have offended him during a discussion in "The Gene Pool" (whatever they call it these days..); and it followed me back here.
    Sometimes, with a "job" like that, you have to remove yourself from the issue; I find myself having to do so now-and-then at work.

    On the other hand; I have to admit that I did post a YouTube that was clearly aimed at that MOD, and he did choose to ignore it. Even Chepsk8 noticed it, but then again, he thought it was kinda funny.
    You be the Judge......

    Obey The Moderator! - Optimus Rhyme - YouTube

    I don't even remember what started the inferno with DHearne; but I'm sure he stuck to his opinion (and was probably right). I must have missed something.... I thought that was the reason "The Fight Club" was developed :scratch:

    Bottom line, I'd bet that StangNet members miss DHearne more than he misses StangNet.
    Which fairly well indicates that we lost more than he did with that ban.
  6. i dont spend whole lot of time on here, but that guy knew his stuff. i dont know or care about the story, but the ONLY reason i see fitting to ban someone is if said person threatens personal harm to another member. people run there mouths its the internet for christ sakes
  7. i am generally loathe to say anything against the moderators of any board, partly because i dont want to be banned, and partly because i am a mod on another board, but i also question why DH was banned. if it was something in the fight club then it really needs to be a good reason because of the nature of that forum. DH can be abrasive from time to time, but like most old dogs, smack him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and he gets in line easily enough.
  8. I agree that david can be a bit abrasive from time to time but Tim's usually MUCH more than forgiving when it comes to matters on the board. If he was banned by tim, there's probably a damn good reason why.
  9. I don't know, people have gotten away with much worse than that. There's several members that I'd unban, given the power. It all depends who your buddies are, and whether they're impartial, or not. I've seen a lot of the "not."
  10. i guess the point of my post is that nobody really knows EXACTLY the pretense of the ban/why it happened, I was simply trying to give a different frame of mind so everyone just steps back a second. I agree with you in that some have gotten away with worse....


    :D j/k brian mind if i sit down and grab another :popcorn: ?
  11. I suspect he's just getting a "time out". Happens all the time on these forums. I just read the posts that got his hand slapped and while I refuse to pick a side, I will say that lots of forums don't allow political discussions just for that reason.
  12. A timeout since December 2011?
  13. I wouldn't say "...NOBODY LIKES!!!" It's just that he drove an MN-12 Cougar; not one of the REAL ones, which were all built before 1974! :rlaugh:

    And before anybody gets their underwear in a wad; I have to say that a lot of the Cougar guys I hang out with are of the opinion that I don't have a "real" Cougar either!
    This is because they believe that the "LAST REAL COUGAR" was sold in the 1968 (or sometimes they'll go as far as including the 1970) model year! :rolleyes:

    There are some of us that disagree with this sentiment; but we somehow manage to remain friends anyway.

  14. Ok. I have thought long and hard about this and here is my response.

    When a site is dedicated to cars, one expects the content to pretty much be confined to cars. If you want to discuss off topic themes, there are other sites for that. But when you open a sub-forum called the "Fight Club" that is named after a book and movie in which guys willingly got into the ring to pound the crap out of each other, you have implicitly condoned just about anything that goes on there short of neo-Nazi or KKK sloganeering. the Fight Club was not a forum for Fops and Dandies to go and discuss the best lotions to use after waxing their chest and facial hair. Rather, people would voluntarily go to that forum to brawl. Given the nature of that forum, nobody should ever have been heard to complain that his feelings got hurt while in the Fight Club. I think that it is wrong that a long-time, technically knowledgable member would be banned for what transpired there. For the site to encourage bare-knuckle brawling by opening the Fight Club and then banning somebody for his conduct there is the kind of hypocrisy demonstrated by Captain Renault when he shut down Rick's Bar in the movie Casablanca, declaring "I'm shocked! Shocked, to find out gambling goes on here!", just as a croupier hands him money and chips and says "Your winnings sir", to which a delighted Captain Renault replies "Oh, thank you very much."

    I would like the moderators here to consider that the action taken against D.Hearne is not without historical precedent. Early on Deng Xiaoping's tenure as the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, ordinary chinese were encouraged to place anonymous complaints about corruption and the ills of China on a wall in Beijing that later became known as the Democracy Wall. The party was supposed to read the anonymous complaints and take remedial action where warranted. The only thing was that the party had no intention of remedying anything. The whole thing was a rouse to identify counter-revolutionaries, malcontents, and Trotskyite bandits. The wall was under surveillance and the Chinese secret police would identify the posters and later grab them. Punishments for those identified for speaking their minds ranged from a strong reprimand to being sent re-education camps. The comparison I have drawn is apt and I hope a little thought provoking.

    In closing, the fact that rbohm says that he is afraid to speak his mind because he is afraid of getting banned should pretty much tell you that heavy-handed moderating has had a chilling effect on this site where people are afraid to say something out of fear of retribution. Please consider that.


  15. Read that thread, pretty pathetic really they banned him for that, and a time out since December. What a bunch of hard ass pricks.

    Been here since 99 and this place is nothing what it used to be years ago. Its what happens when you give the keys to a bunch of kids I guess.

  16. just like how even though fritz tends to gobble up our shoes and always leaves slober on that damn remote......we're still friends with him :D
  17. Are you from the future :scratch:
  18. Yes, and now I have to go back. :rlaugh:

    I know, I know, I should have said Dec. 2010. It had been a long day and I have been writing "2011" almost constantly this week.
  19. I agree that was a monumentally stupid decision to ban DH. I got a lot of info from that man while building my departed '73 and he helped countless others too.
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