When was D.Hearne banned?

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  1. looking at that thread, if DH was banned then there probably should have been some other infractions handed out, didn't really look out of the ordinary for anything else that goes on in FC.
  2. My, how selective a memory, and limited recollection of the events some of us have.

    Coming from purely a members perspective....

    Wealth of information or not, the technical knowledge base he may have provided paled in comparison to his poor attitude and vile temper and willingness to exploit it with anyone who he thought crossed him. He was never above telling you what he thought of you (or anyone), or going out of his way to stomp on your toes when he thought you deserved it. I was not the Staff member who banned him, but am familiar with the particular incident that put him over the top at the time and having dealings with him in the past, am confident that it was the right decision.

    Fact....his banishment was not based on one single incident. Fact....He drew the line in the sand and pushed the envelope for years in this place. Fact....He was given more warnings, by multiple staff members over the years he was here than I care to remember. Fact....more times that I can count, a blind eye was turned and he was let off the hook more times than almost any other member in recent history, yet he still chose to tow the line with anyone he thought looked at him funny. Near the end, you didn’t even need to cross him to earn a reaction. You only needed to have a differing opinion, on the matter at hand....on any matter quite frankly for him to lash out at you.

    After reading this thread, I decided to go back and do a search on his account. The thread in question that everyone is so up in arms about earned him near a dozen, very heated complaints throughout our reported posting system from several different members alone. And this was just one thread during a single period. Staff dealings with he and others like him go back YEARS, so please don’t be under the mistaken guise that this was an off the cuff, or rash decision.

    As far as I’m concerned, D. Hearne treated Stangnet like his own personal lavatory. Being of Founding Member status, he seemed to develop an elitist attitude, along with a nice sized chip on his shoulder when it came to dealing with members with less time on the site under their belts and authority figures on this site alike. Courteous, civil behavior gave way to a spiteful attitude and blatant, public ranting when he didn’t agree with the outcome of a decision. His attitude was toxic and although he may have brought a decent knowledge base to the table and willingness to share that knowledge with a the select few (most of which seem to be present in this thread), he overshadowed his good deeds with a poor attitude, tactless demeanor and a complete lack of respect for any person with an opposing point of view, on any issue. I can't say whether or not he'll be back one day. That's not up to me to decide. I for one haven’t given him a second though since his departure and hope not to encounter another like him any time soon.
  3. you just described 3/4 of the posts/posters in the FC. Judging by the number of people saying that he was a great help v. the number of people that was saying he was hateful most of the people that stay to the tech forums didn't see that side of him.
  4. Along the lines of what has been said before, I doubt he cares to come back after that kind of treatment. I've left other forums for less. :(

    My observations are based only on what I have seen in the Classic Tech forum. I don't venture into the off-topic "Fight Club" or whatever area because frankly, I think it has no purpose on this sort of website. I come here for Mustang tech and little else.
  5. If he limited his behavior to just Fight Club and the members who inhabit it, we probably wouldn't be reading this thread right now. But on more than one occasion it seemed to have made it's way into the mainstream stuff. And nobody cared for it. Regardless...Fight Club or not, the over the top, personal attacks are what got the complaints, not participating in heated discussions about the issues. People know what they’re getting into when they tread in the political discussion waters, but it shouldn't matter what forum you're posting it, nobody should have to endure that level of personal attack. I’d react the same way if he was unprovoked victim of the personal attack…although I’d bet money that was never the case.

    People don’t sign onto the internet to get verbally beaten down. I’d rather see one member gone (wealth of knowledge or not) than several dozen members and potential members that would either choose to leave the site, or not join in the first place because the site and its members condone this type of behavior. If it were up to me, political BS would be ousted from the site altogether. This is after all a car site. ;)
    I couldn't agree with you more.
  6. another forum dont allow political or religious threads at all, keeps the forum "on task", if ya ask me the FC wouldn't be that at all, there are other places for that.
  7. I suppose....but Fight Club pretty much unofficially turned into a Political Cesspool you see before you, over the course of the last few years. This kinda crap used to occur in the regular off topic Forums. Staff was nearly run ragged with trying to put out the fires. Thus, the "Fight Club" was born. I don’t so much take issue with the Forum itself and it's mainly political content per say, but a lot of members who inhabit it on a regular basis, have trouble letting go some of the hurt feelings and pent up animosity incurred between one and other during these so called "heated debates" for one reason or another and allow it to spill out into the regular area’s of the site. That's the number one reason Staff pretty much tries to steer clear of the place for any other purpose than keeping the peace.

    It can be a slippery slope.
  8. That's where our opinions differ Brian. Though, I suppose yours is the one that matters, since you're not the one that resigned from staff. :) I definitely agree that FC shouldn't exist. It could be made like the posse forum and invisible, except for members that wish to be included in the usergroup that can see it. I do feel that Hearne was banned unjustly though. Sure he had been given warnings over a period of time, and continued to push the envelope. I have also looked through his posting history. Granted you can see deleted posts that I can't any longer, but we're basically looking at the same thing. Therian was every bit as guilty as Hearne at being quite abrasive. The only difference was word choice. Therian was a little bit more eloquent at telling him to get f***ed, but IMO he was every bit as guilty and should have been punished equally. He knew how to push Hearne's buttons just enough to get the expected outcome that we saw, and ultimately Tim felt was worthy of banishment.

    The sad part is, the original "rules thread" from FC that just said to use your head has been edited to add several things that were previously allowed. When that happened, who knows? The moderation in there should be pretty much non-existent, if it's going to have the name Fight Club though. It was decided that it was the place where you could have it out with the other members without worry of getting in trouble. If we're not allowed to have a "fight" in there, what purpose does it serve? Pull the political crap back out into the main OT forum and close down FC, or disallow it entirely, but don't punish members for doing exactly what the title of the forum said it was for.
  9. I will address this subject when I return from a much-needed vacation. I see lots of (dis)information and one-sidedness in here that requires factual rectification.

    Maybe it will help; perhaps not. Either way, to question someone's or something's actions without fully grasping all facets of perspective is not the way to do things.

    More to come...again, I'm on vacation right now and don't have enough time to fully expound.
  10. When you return from Blackely Manor, I look forward to being enlightened by your erudite and enlightened expounding on the rectifications and ramifications. I also welcome being helped to fully grasp the facets that are recondite to a simpleton like me but obviously evident to somebody like you

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  11. Based upon the circumstances, I sought not to turn this into a pissing match. Was going to let this one sit and simmer until a later point; obviously, some individuals aren't ones to lay things to rest in patient response. There's no need to go on the defensive, at all, Jerry...or anyone else. Honestly, it's rather humorous this user was banned almost 10 months ago and it's just now begun to rise up. But that's beside the point.

    Since it's obvious by the tone of the thread (staff is dumb, clueless, mean, and "run by kids" as it were) my words would merely incite future replies which would have no point, we'll call it done. Again, assertions based upon emotional responses; not facts.

    The Staff and owners reserve the right to take action in accordance with the site's Terms of Service. Sorry, but that's the way it is in this community, life, and the real world. Bottom line, the user in question infracted upon these tenets in nearly 2-dozen instances. He received his length of rope, an inch at a time, and gradually hung himself.

    He received a year banishment at the time, so whatever he does after it lapses is up to him.

    Do not question things you do not have information to formulate a rounded perspective upon--namely this situation. Got a problem? Take it up in private. Frankly, I'm surprised this thread wasn't shut down earlier. These instances never end up with agreement of understanding and always end up with someone walking away embittered or worse.

    This thread (and any others related to this topic) is (will be) closed. If you have issue, take it up with StangNet Support or myself in Private Messages.

    Thank you.
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