Roush When you Own a One Off Saleen Should it be kept Original??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by gonen20, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. I'm going rounds on weither or not I should do any types of modifications to my lastest ride? This Saleen was and is One of One a Special Order for a customer back in 2000 which is exactly the same way today as it came from Saleen back then!!! Should I keep a car like this Original and unaltered???? Any Thoughts here???:scratch:
  2. True Saleen boys will tell you to keep it straight out.....Saleen original as the day it was made!!

    To me it depends on how "1 OFF" your Saleen really adds up to be. I've done research on "1 off " Saleen's and they were just requested with options that nobody else had equipped that year. The question is if that is desireable to a future Saleen prospect, if you wish to sell or not. If you are going to keep it til the day you die....make it "your car"...if you are trying to preserve Saleen history and keep it a historical car....leave it be.

    To me there are not a lot of "leave it be Saleens" that are not snuggley placed in collections already.

    I have a very modified S281....from engine HP gains, Ghost Flames on my speedster cover to an exhaust note that makes people drop their jaws....Some would Ask why...because it's mine and will always be that way.

    I don't ever plan on selling my first baby...The next one, I already have my eye on buying...... I would never modify.... they are two different cars!!

    Just my 2cents....and yes, I realize i just talked in a big circle :shrug:
  3. im in no position to comment, mine's been well and truley altered engine and suspension wise... although i want to keep it looking as stock as possible. Like i need a new exhaust, but what ever i buy will be having the saleen tips welded on, so it looks unchanged.

  4. I changed a lot of things on mine plus I will be doing a lot more to it. I just put on stuff that can be taken off easily-basically bolt on's. So when I sell the car I can put it back to original.
  5. When you say one off Saleens, I tend to think of cars like the SA5, Slimmer which is the black with Kawaski green DP5's and side stripes, and the 3 84 Saleens that Stu owns. Maybe even the SA10 cars, a few SR models, but one off SN '99 and newer are very few other then colors. They made so many Saleens since 99, that an S351 really is the only 1 collecter type car IMO. I love the driveability of the newer Saleens, but have a hard time thinking they are going to be worth heavy amounts down the road just for the fact they made so many of them. Just color may not be a selling point to a hardcore collecter that will be willing to fork over the large sums of 100's that we may want/think.

    Again, these are just my thoughts, take them for just that......words:flag:
  6. It's your car, do whatever you want to it & don't worry about how its "value" is affected.

    I originally purchased my '89 Saleen with no intention of ever modifying it because it was pretty much perfect as-is. Not to mention that in the late 80's there wasn't much in the way of modifications available for the 5.0 Mustangs & what was available was extremely expensive (anyone remember SSC shorty headers for $600/pair?).
    However, once the market became saturated with 5.0 & Fox body specific parts, I went a little crazy, modifying everything but the factory shortblock & transmission. Of course when I sold it exactly a year ago, I didn't receive any compensation for all the $$$ I spent during my 18 years of ownership.

    Now that I own my Saleen Cobra Speedster which is truly a unique vehicle, I've decided to be a bit more discrete in the modifications I add to it. The list includes full length subframe connectors & a strut tower brace to stiffen the body (it really needs them), an aluminum driveshaft, rear differential cover girdle, perhaps upper/lower rear control arms & a custom dyno tune for the stock DOHC engine. That's it.
  7. I think the Mods you add to the car will make you more happy with it over all. Unless your talking about insane mods like some of the ones we have seen on ebay of late. (Rice'd out Saleens) But as others have said keep it looking original for the most part and add all the performance goodies you want. Because in the end as a daily driver car (unless it's a trailer queen with < 5K miles) it will only be worth what you can sell it for, Saleen or not.
  8. Keep all the original parts, and do not modify the outside with anything non saleen, especially rims, that burns me up.

  9. I totally agree with Joe. Todd, do whatever you want with the car to make it yours. If you don't cut anything you can always bolt it back on. :D
  10. I agree, if it's your car, and you intend on keeping it, you should do what you want with it, to make it yours. I have a pretty rare car and I wouldn't change a thing, but I'm also never going to sell it..
  11. double post.
  12. Never say never.

    Right, Marcus?!? :Word:
  13. I'm probably the most guilty of modifying mine from stock format. Plenty of power & bling :D
  14. That's true I guess I should never say never Marcus sold damn near all of his cars.. But as of right now with the Saleen market as it is I'm not selling..

  15. No buddy I think I gotcha beat..:rolleyes: :D
  16. I still have the horsepower crown here! I just never went for bling! I doubt anyone has a S-351 that went through as many mods as my 96 has!
  17. Ya,

    I didn't sell anything I can't replace in a New York min. though. Never sell a car unless you have to unless you can make money on that car. I made money on both of the cars I just sold. Buy low, sell high.:D
  18. Nice, those are great words there marcus! :D
  19. My car is pretty rare. It's one of 30 in the 1996 Budget series, one of 19 ever in the Deep Metallic Violet color, and the only one that color in the seires that is a 5-speed vert. That being said, I wasn't happy with the performance of the car at all. The 1996-1998 2v would have served better as boat anchors then engines! So, I pulled the motor and put in a cammed up 2003 crate motor. I kept the coil packs (as opposed to the COP's) and everything right down to the air filter box. There is only one way to tell I did the swap (unless you look real hard to see the coated long tubes in there..:D ) unless you're Robert, Marcus, or Scott. It looks stock right down to the Borla exhaust, so while it is modified, you'd be hard pressed to tell. I am also adding the MM CC plates this winter, but other then that it looks like it did from Saleen. Now I'm thinking I'd like a S/C, but then the "gig us up". Can't really hide a s/c...
  20. I 've got one of those modern "rare" Saleens (an SA20, which is really just a styling package) and have have done a few things to it.
    (Sub-frames and C&C kit)

    Now I also am wondering about making more changes.
    I really hate the "basket-handle" speedster cover and keep thinking
    about adding a traditional lightbar and 2 piece cover, then start on some engine/driveline/suspension upgrades.

    I drive it regularily so it's not garage queen, even though it only has about 5k miles.