Roush When you Own a One Off Saleen Should it be kept Original??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by gonen20, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Blip- I also have the annniversary speedster cover. It does seem like a pain. Did yours come with a storage bag for it? I do like the looks of it. Looks a lot more unique than the others.
  2. Nope, no storage bag,I made a storage cover for it by using a BBQ grill cover.
    Works well when I have it hang on the wall.

    What bugs me about the "handle-bar" is that it almost completely blocks my rear vision.
    After much adjusting with the mirror, I can get just a sliver to see under the bar and over the wing.

    Highway lane changes can be a real experience, I have to stretch up and turn around to try and look over the bar to see if anyone is following in the rear 3/4 spots.
    That's a lot of time taken away from looking at the road in front, instead of just glancing in the rearview mirror.

    Might be more of a problem for me as I'm 6'2".
  3. My opinion is pretty much the same as Saleenster’s. True your car has a one-of-one combination of options but I honestly doubt that it will ever be truly considered “collectable”. Regardless, it is a unique car, especially compared to 99.99% of the other cars on the road. If you like the idea of keeping it original, then like others, I suggest sticking to bolt on mods. The only exception I would make is to weld in some serious sub frame connectors (Global West Competitions) for your vert.

    You have a nice car there, Todd. Have some fun with it! :)

  4. I agree that "short" bar is a pain in the ass. I think your SA-20 would look great with a traditional light bar. Never seen that. Even though the plastic vert bolster pieces are pricey you could always replace them if you ever removed the traditional speedster bar and didn't want to look at the 4 plug holes under the seatbelt. No one would ever know about the four small lightbar mount bolt holes underneath.

    I also agree with Dennis about subframe connectors. Even if it is a "one of one" car subframe connectors protect your investment and are a must with a vert. Those together with your MM CC plates make a good combo. Just don't paint a big horsehead on the side.:D
  5. Paint the horse head on your hood, instead. :jester:
  6. LOL.....You guys have it all wrong :nono: The bull goes on the door panel and the horse gets painted on the tonneau cover. The hood is left unpainted to show of the grain of the real carbon fiber. The rear decklid get the painting with the naked lady wearing gold chains. Finally you dump the five spoke Saleen wheels in favor of the 14" gold wire wheels with chrome curb finders, white wall tires and chrome fendwell accents...... That's how you bling bling your "original" Saleen :lol:
  7. 14" is too big... slap some 13" daytons on that thing... and some hydraulics while you're at it...:rlaugh:
  8. Toddo,

    Sorry man that we messed up your thread.:D
  9. :lol: You guys have the exterior soundin SWEEEET! But you forgot all about the interior. You'll also need some classic fuzzy dice, the furry dash cover, some neons under the dash, those fancy Mustang studded seatbelt pads, plastic chrome knobs (don't want to waste your money on billet stuff!), one of those chain steering wheels, and the lil' houla girl on the rear decklid...:nice: Then you'd be stylin and profilin...:rlaugh:

    BTW: Sorry about the hijack of the thread, but I couldn't resist (hey I didn't start it...:shrug: )
  10. I've actually seen a lowrider '86 Mustang SVO & '93 SVT Cobra, so don't be so quick with your sarcastic humor.

    Truth is stranger than fiction... :eek:
  11. long as you haven't OWNED one of those cars, I think you are in the clear :D

    I have to agree with Marcus......however, the first page was all good material!! :nice: The second page is fair game to have crapola involved :p
  12. you guy do know what else we forgot? the dog w/ the head that bobs up and down, and the "la cucaracha" horn...
  13. bullitt-side.jpg
    I sacrificed my Saleen wheels all in the name of Bling [​IMG]

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  14. Ok, enough about the wise comments on Modifying my cars Gold Exterior!:Zip2: Boy, this thread has turned out to be an interesting one with lots of interesting feedback!:rolleyes: Thanks for all the Positive feedback on making the Saleen my car with a personal touch! And trust me, I have & will continue to have fun with it!:D I don't think I'll do the Black horse anywhere on my cars exterior or speedster cover anytime soon! Hope you guys aren't bummed here!:lol: Any mods I do will be very sutle and not noticeable to the Average Eye! I'm definately going with the stock look!!! Anybody think painting the door switch panels and center piece console and shifter console piece Sunburst Gold Clearcoat the same color as the cars exterior too much?????? Should I just do the Door Switch panels????:scratch:
  15. Just do the painted door inserts. Don't paint the center radio bezel. Please.
  16. interior.jpg

    I did just the door inserts myself. I am thinking about painting the leather shift boot black though.

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  17. Consider the alternative also. Why pay so much extra for the car only to change it? Why not just pay fewer dollars and modify a standard mustang then you can go to the extreme. It may cost the same. You bought a specialty car for a reason. It may take some time before it may be considered a true collectable. When/if it does was it worth the change? The reason the "original unmodified" Saleens are in collections is because they are few and far between and higher in value. Think about this, what makes it collectable? One major collectable point is unmodified, who collects modified Saleens?
    When you modify the car, it only raises the value of our cars who are original because the originals become fewer. Modify if you like, you're raising the value of my car! Guess I'm a true Saleen boy....
  18. What the heck would you paint the leather shift boot for?? I don't think paint will stay on there with all the flexing it does. I like what you've done except for the e-brake bling. No offense intended, but it makes the e-brake look like something out of a **** shop...:rlaugh: I painted my door inserts the body color as well:


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  19. DAVE,

    You never told us you visit **** shops. What are they like?:D