Roush When you Own a One Off Saleen Should it be kept Original??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by gonen20, Feb 19, 2006.

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  4. Hey Sal, Whats up with that side scoop on your car??? It didn't come that way did it????:scratch: It reminds me of the Shelby Mustangs!
  5. Nope it didn't come that way. When I had the car re-painted, I did a few subtle things. I added those side scoops, had the door inserts painted the body color, and I had the mirrors color matched. I really like the side scoops and will eventually duct them to the rear brakes (once I upgrade them). Everything stock is under them and painted. They are held on with 3m tape, believe it or not! I also took off the ugly door protectors (ran downthe entire door of the car. It looks a lot smoother w/o them...
  6. does anyone have a link to what the two-piece cover looks like? Thanks.

  7. The two piece no matter if it's Cervini's or ABC Exclusive, they squeak like mad and you dent the leather on your rear seat or somehow scratch one or two of the covers trying to get them in the car when you want to put the top up. Not worth it if ask me. Just a thought.
  8. I'm tellin you guys, the soft tonneau from Haney Motorsports is the way to go (unless, of course, you have the one from Saleen)! I got mine in a couple of months ago and it fits extremely tight. You can take it off, fold it up and put it in the trunk when needed. It, like the hard tonneau, completely covers the rear seats. It really looks good. :nice: Here's the link: OEM Accessories.htm
  9. Interesting suggestion on the soft cover.
    I may have to give this some more thought.
  10. Anybody have pictures of the Soft Tonneau on there Car??? Are they made out of Vinyl or Leather???
  11. I'll put it on this weekend and try and get some happysnaps posted. They have a picture on the site, but it's not great. I really like it though...
  12. there is a 2001 Saleen Cobra in town and that is what he has on his car it looks ok i guess but in my own opion the Saleen speedster cover looks the best.
  13. I agree with you Saleen S281SC #08, the Speedster Cover has an out of this world look to it and really turns peoples heads!:nice: I can't wait to get mine painted the same color as the car and plopped on it!!!:D