Whens the reveal?

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  1. When the heck is the new stang going to be revealed!!!!!

    and for Body Im actually not afraid of what its going to look like. When the first mustang was introduced it was in fact somehting no one has ever seen before. and it was a big hit becoming the most sold car. But yet im somewhat worried itll look like everyhting else.
  2. We already know that Ford is redesigning its iconic pony car, the Mustang for 2015. The new vehicle will celebrate the 50th birthday of the Mustang and is expected to debut on April 17, 2014. If that date is accurate, it would be exactly 50 years to the day since the original Mustang one on sale.

    Any changes to one of Ford’s most iconic vehicles is sure to draw its share of ire from fans. So far, we’ve heard rumblings that the 2015 Mustang would be significantly changed from the existing vehicles both visually and technologically. Car & driver reports that the 2015 version of the Mustang won’t differ much from the existing car dimensionally.
    It will have an all-new unibody with a slightly narrower track in the front and rear. The wheelbase is expected to be less than an inch shorter than the current car. One of the key changes is that the 2015 will get a MultiLink independent rear suspension that should expand rear seat space and cargo space in the next-generation vehicle.
    Changes under the hood of the 2015 are expected to be announced. Whereas the car comes with a base V6 and three different V-8 engines currently, Ford is tipped to use a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine in some international versions of the new Mustang. Scuttlebutt says that we will see a four-cylinder in the US and there will be a turbocharged direct-injected 2.4-liter four-cylinder available. Word is that boosted four-cylinder engine will be an upgrade over the current base V6 and will have around 250 hp or more. The 5.0-liter V8 engine will continue with the same 420 hp output with another Boss 302 coming tipped to produce 450 HP. What will happen to the Shelby GT500 remains to be seen.
    [via Car & Driver] & [Slashgear.com]

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  3. The April 17th debut date would be great as far as significance. I am ready to see the engine combos that you are talking about though.
  4. Exactly, April 17th would be the date I would expect. And I want to see twin turbos.
  5. Who wants to see twin turbos on a Mustang. That would be disgusting. It's a muscle car for christ sakes.
  6. Mustang is a pony car. An American Sports car. Only the gt500 can be considered muscle stock nowadays. the ecoboost 5.0 wouldnt be a bad idea....and if the gt500 or Cobra still had a supercharger on it as well...woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Talk about a Hell Raiser Cobra again.
  7. I suppose a "Muscle Car" never had a power adder like a turbo or supercharger. That would be unethical.

    The Paxton supercharger option was produced in limited quantities for the Shelby GT-350 Mustang, from 1966 to 1968. This set-up was also available as an over-the counter dealer installed option on standard small-block V8 Mustangs from 1965-‘72.
    _800px_shelby_1966_scan.jpg _800px_paxton_carb_cobra_shelby.jpg

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  8. ^Hotness.

    Anyway, I'm betting on an unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show next year. But it will probably leak this year.
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  9. As long as there is no 74' style redesign! I'd cry
  10. I think Ford would be very smart to lighten up the whole car and to offer the smaller engines, especially the turbo as well as the big V8. That would appeal to 2 different markets in one hot platform. Compete with the turbo imports if the price stays reasonable and offer the V8 for the American muscle purists. If it boosts sales and guarantees the Mustang's future I am all for it.
  11. Ford would make a killing offering an I4, I4T, V6, V6TT, V8, and V8TT....thats a lot of options. especially if the car is lighter and has modern handling. still love my 2008 though.
  12. I don't think there is anyway Ford could offer that many engine options. I think a decent powered I4 would be the base, with a I4T down the round as an SVO model, a V6 (maybe) and a V8. I think I heard somewhere they will no longer produce a GT500 or a Boss but I don't know. The SVO would probably be the special edition. The key is the power numbers of the engine options. We can't have an I4T making more power than a V8. The I4T would be a handling vehicle and very good "race car" while the V8 would be for the drag strip. Ford may just put in a V6 as the continued base engine......there are so many things for could do its making my head spin LOL
  13. I think the V6 is history.
  14. I think you are right
  15. I dont know about the v6 being history. a lot of people are getting more V6 model cars. they seem to be popular, but ford needs to offer more power yet again. and yes the boss will be gone with the new body. but the gt500 or maybe the svt cobra is here to stay.
  16. i dont see the v6 as being history, theres alot of sales right there. I hope they dont go back to offering a turboed 4 cylinder, that would just fit in with all the other run of the mill cars it is meant to outdo.
  17. I really hope they keep the V6. They can drop a straight 4T in there, and it would be cool in its own right, but at "overboost" in the Focus ST, it still only makes 260-some hp. And that's not even too bad if they want to do a lightweight version like the ST. But it's not quite the 300+ you can get in the base V6.

    I'd still love to see the F-150's V6 EcoBoost in a Mustang...
  18. Twin Turbo is a rumor...keep in mind Ford and Volvo are in cahoots and share some technology. Volvo has been using twin turbos for some time.
  19. The 50th Anniv significance gets me really excited for something great from Ford. The history and heritage of this car - hoping it gets preserved with a great new design.
  20. Welcome aboard. We are ALL hoping for something exciting. I'm sure FoMoCo won't let us down.