where are all the customs?

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  1. I know some of you build some very fine custom MII`s. Can`t you post some pics to share them with the rest of us? Wouldt love to see creative ideas, turning old rides into hot sleighs.
  2. still crude but it is custom.

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  3. hey roadsterII, awesome job on the front clip. Car looks great as a roadster. :hail2: Its the way II's should have been built in the first place. Glad to see someone be more creative in a restomod. Keep on doing whatever your doing cause its looking good from here:nice:
  4. Now that is custom! LIKE!! Is the hoodscoop funktional? And those behind-the seats-cover lookes great! Did you make them yourself? Is the rearaxle original?
  5. My car....


    My brothers car....

  6. Mustang II owners are not the usual "factory restoration" Mustang owners...most have Some modification to them. :)

    I saw this car in CarCraft (May 2001) and then in person at the Mustang 40th Anniversary in Nashville in 2004. It was really good looking even if I would personally rather have some sort of bumper.

    There really are lots of MII customs starting with the Monroe Handler, Charlie Kemp's GT street car, and the Emmiss convertibles on the high end, down to backyard convertibles and pickups on the less expensive end.

    In a way, the CBII and KC were factory customs as they were almost completely appearance packages.

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  7. Some more that I've collected. Sorry for the pic quality.

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  8. here is my cobra clone. Full frame,rollcage,ladder bars,coilovers,8.8 rear,99 mustang wheels,and a custom front end!

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  9. Well, the above post doesn't really show my true intentions as well as I wanted........

    Had the guys over in the photo shop help me out, this is what I'm working on
  11. wiking,
    you should check out our friend Francis's Daytona II project, his site is

    I'm not sure what you think of "custom" as but everyone has their own ideas.

    Mstang2 has built one of the nicest somewhat stock looking "street machine" custom IIs out there.
    Muskie's II is a very cool blend of new and classic old looks into one ride.
    Then there's Sal's monster, very clean in build and outragest in Pro Street design. His brother's II is wicked too.
    My goal with my II is a blend of shelby's 67-68 GTs, his cobra's and my own thoughts (however strange).

    Whatever the look is your after, I can't wait to see it.
    Anyway you look at it, the more nice and clean II's we put out to the public, the more II's we'll see if people like them and want one.

    I'll get down from the soap box now......
  12. Here's my version of what the II could have been had Ford let Ghia finish what it had started. (Yes, it's a soft-top convertible 304 4bbl 5spd manual trans.)

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  13. Come on man, I KNOW you have better pics of your cool ass car than that :).

    Sal Mennella
    Power Surge Performance - Ford Tuning Specialists - since 1997

  14. My pony isn't quite custom just yet. :(
  15. Sal: I've got lots of better photos, but I can't seem to figure out how to post 'em. If I resize them to less than 80KB they get tiny. If you give me your email address, I'll send you some better pics.
  16. here's mine

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  17. Damn, that road racer looks tough.
  18. Dude, awesome.