where are all the customs?

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  1. P.S. I updated my sig with my II's page, and even have a link to the vid that I put on streetfire, if you want to see(and hear) my car.
    I'm gonna do a new burnout vid, but I kind of hate smoking these damn 17" tires, they're expensive.
  2. First off "custom" is spelled Kustom:Word:

    My car has some mild kustomizing. The door handles,antenna hole, trunk lock and gas filler are all shaved. It has street bike side mirrors and the old skool Ford hood scoop (functional). When I win the lotto it will have kool wheels too:D

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  3. It is too krazy lady! Shaved side markers! and I think trunk lock? :D
  4. That's right she did have it shaved. Nice
  5. Well, looks like Sal has gone even more custom now.
    Check e-bay, now the Thundersnake is a rolling chassis.
    Sal, no serious takers the way it was?
  6. Sal's Blown 5.4 Mustang II Project...:Word: :nice: :hail2:

    Sal Stripping it, not finishing it, and selling it in pieces on ebay... :crapola :notnice: :bs: :doh: :fuss: :shrug: :bang:
  7. my II and a p38

    here's mine witha P-38 instead of the usual mustang/mustang pic

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  8. Why on earth would anyone want to mod a 1974 Mustang II with an 88hp engine? THE CAR IS A CLASSIC in fuel economy :D
  9. We'll race you.
  10. i guess its because of the satisfaction we get when we work on our cars and
    turn them from basic to beast without ordering all our parts from 1 catalog
    but then again you probably dont understand blood sweat and tears
    since you bought yours like that and was told it has 400 hp but u cant prove it.:bs:
    should i keep going?
    your also someone who doesnt like 67 68 mustangs??

    put your head back on your shoulders....:dead:
  11. Uniqueness, and the fact that my II weighs 2450 pounds doesnt hurt, either.
  12. Dan, you don't get it. You're not a "real" Mustang owner unless you have the same car as everyone else, with the same mods as everyone else. You have to check out the other Stangnet forums to really get the picture. We're way off base, here.

    I need to go get me a 65 with a 302. It'll be slow and unoriginal, but at least I won't get dissed.

    Or if I want to be original, I can go get a newer 4.6 and use mommy's credit card to trick it out with whatever's advertised in MM & FF. The ricier, the better. I mean, what's a 'Stang without ground effects?
  13. Looks better when they trade it in for an SRT-4.:rlaugh:
  14. Ricer 'Stangs are everywhere up here. It should be another thread, with pics.
  15. Hi, I too have some old articals on some nasty custom racers that I have collected that some of you maybe interested in, hopefully you can read the print.

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  16. Hopefully these have not been seen here before.

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  17. I got a few more if anyones interested.

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