where are all the customs?

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  1. Thanks! Those were some fun reads!:nice:
  2. Ouch. It's pretty bad when I had "Autobuff" and "popular cars", eeerrrr, still have in boxes somewhere. That blue 460 powered Ii from Puyallup, WA only ever got one other feature, then vaporized into obsecurity.....
  3. Is it still bad to have the heartbeat pinstripping on the windows? I miss the 80's.....
  4. I guess I can add my 2 cents worth here....
    The way I see it is you should learn to respect another person's efforts, even if you don't really like their efforts or choice in cars, especially within the Mustang line. We as Mustangers get it from all sides, whether it be Chevy freaks or Mopar nuts. I don't particularly like 73-80whatever Camaros, but if I were to see one that is actually done up in the owners liking, I have to respect that owners efforts and see it through their eyes. Owning a hot rod/street rod is a labor of love, and EVERYONE who is in the hobby should at least respect their brothers/sisters in the hobby.
    Ok...I'm off my soap box now.....
  5. Because it only has 88 hp and needs more DUH! Why does anyone mod a car, to make MORE POWA! DUH!:rolleyes:
  6. can I see a picture of heathers pink taco??
  7. 393 Boss, Hey way cool. I never saw that tilt front car before. I really, really wanted to do that way back iin the day... You remember back when velocity stacks were cool....But since my wife says I still live in the eighties sometimes, I still could, right?
  8. Well I still think stacks are cool today lol, I even bought a pair of mr gasket ones last summer lol. Snooping around on sites, looking for new ideas of what to do/redo on my cars, I find myself looking through stacks of my old dusty 70's-80's car mags again. It must be because of my age but I still find the ideas of what guys were doing back then neat. Flip front ends, flares, straight axles, tunnel rams, stacks, metal flake/candy paint jobs are still some of my favorties things to see in these old mags.

    The idea I got in my head now is... IF... the A/FX gasser class cars of the 60's were still being built in the mid 70's, what would/could a mustang II version look like?, I am thinking along the lines of Ohio George's older mustangs.

    I think a II done up this way would be very trick.