Where Are The 2013 Convertibles?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Johnman, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. It seems there are very few 2013 Shelby's available at all, but the convertibles are almost nonexistent.I was able to find only one anywhere for sale online. What gives? There are a few, if not many, Camaro ZL1 convertibles for sale.
  2. One's in my garage. :D

    You're right though, not many have been built; last I read somewhere less than 500.

    There have been major delays getting any '13s built, so I would imagine there's a few more in the pipeline, but the vast majority of 13s are hardtops.
  3. Congratulations!! I decided on the ZL1 vert anyway, but I was just wondering. I would definitely not try to race you. Thanks for the info.
  4. I can't get ANYBODY to race me. :(

    Except for the clown in the Neon with a fart pipe, on a busy commercial street, in the rain. He didn't understand that I didn't want to race.
  5. Ha ha, you need to find worthy opponents, like Corvette ZR1's or Ferraris and Lambos. I will be rooting for you!
  6. GAAAA! Finally had the chance tonight. Turned right out of a parking lot, headed for the highway. No one coming when I start my turn... as I'm pulling out, these headlights come SCREAMING around the curve. Did I mention my wife is in the car? She yelped a little when I goosed it to finish pulling out and put a little room between me and the guy that pulls out in front of me. By this time I can tell it's some sort of 911-ish Porsche (not an expert on them, so can't tell you what it was. Convertible, big ricer-looking wing on the back...). Anyway, Adolf rides my back bumper onto the highway, and I'm just dying to line up, but it's misting a little rain, and I'm pretty sure the wife not only won't understand the opportunity, but might decide that I'm still not mature and responsible enough to drive a car like this at 47, so I had to pass on it.

    I really hope the opportunity comes up again. Dude was not at all smart hauling butt like that around a blind curve into a built up area... He deserved a kill.
  7. Later on he probably bragged to his friends about the guy in a GT500 that was afraid to race him.
  8. I just checked and there are currently only 36 Shelby Convertibles for sale (this counts dealer stock and incoming stock) in the country. The east coast has the most available at 9. And believe it or not but 2 are in demo service. This doesn't reflect special orders that are inbound because they don't show up.
  9. According to a post on another forum, 704 verts had been built as of 11/2. I'm liking that number.

    I guess a lot of the folks that ordered these didn't want to settle for 155 mph. :eek:
  10. Man, my wife is the same way about racing. I drive a 2012 GT, but props to you for not being stupid enough to race in the rain. I have never done that and never will. I have a hard time finding people to race me, but when people do i win. My wins so far a 201x SRT8 Challenger, an older 5.0 t-top, 3000GT, 20xx SRT8 Charger, on older Corvette, and several others at the same level of the 3000GT, which is bout as good as the neon trying to race you. So only bout 3 credible wins. Still wanna find one that can beat me. I know they are out there, just wanna know what it is and how much will it beat me by.