Where are the fast V6's?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Ok I have read from a few guys on here that it is easier to make a V6 Mustang faster than a V8 Mustang so obviously they all had the idea of making their car as fast as possible for as cheap as can be. So where are the fast V6's at?? Not flaming, just trying to understand you guys...
  2. http://www.v6power.net/portal/timeslips/index.php

    here is some time slips as well, are these fast enough for you or would you rather them be GT's. I really don't car if its a winebago thats doing 15 secs, for a winebago thats fast. Also notice #8 is NA at 12 secs, pretty fast to me.

    "Any Idiot can Make a V8 go Fast, it takes a special kind of idiot to make a V6 fast."
  3. Ok so the fastest Mustang on that site is 11.9 in the 1/4th at 121mph. So tell me what is his mod list? My mods are basically catback, midpipe, P1SC supercharger, and power pipe. And my last trap speed was 122.6mph in the 1/4th. So someone tell me why you would mod a V6 to be fast...
  4. TT setup for under 5k. and as for why?? Because you can. This year you may see some breaking these numbers...results to follow in the next few months.
  5. Don't get me wrong...I will get an 8 once I'm done modding my 6, Don't ask just want to have a sleeper 6, but I'll probably only mod the exhaust on my 8 to have that 8 cylinder sound...ah **** who am I kidding! :D
  6. No...those aren't his mods. You cannot take a bone stock V6 and put on a TT kit and get those times. Again...what are his mods?
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  8. What I am asking tech questions in here mate. Go jerk off or something somewhere else.
  9. i dunno. thats a good question. why do ppl make civics and integras to be fast? they start off slow too.

    i dont think you'll find much fast v6 here bro. i tihnk v6power.net has some of the more serious guys there. i like to hang here tho because everyone is much more friendly.

    i give u props for holding nearly 500RWHP on stock aluminum internals.
  10. Like I said, I am not bashing the V6. I used to own a V6 that I tried to mod but a V8 is about 10 times easier to make fast. So why even bother unless you do nothing but Auto-x?
  11. His mods...bone stock factory ford engine, no porting, no polishing, no nothing. UNTOUCHED engine. Its all in the turbos and the tune. It also helps that he can drive like a mo-fo. He's also got weight (or lack thereof) on his side. Now, since you trapped almost identical, lets factor in cost, shall we???

    First, his turbo setup ran him a little less than $5,000. Your ATI setup goes for around $3,700 plus all the fuel upgrades, tuning, yadda yadda so we'll say $4,700 is a fair estimate. Thats got him at $300 or so more than you, speaking strictly from the power adder standpoint. Now... not counting the exhaust prices since the power adders are the big HP products, and add in the cost of the cars and all of a sudden he's got you buy the ballz big shot. With the diff in the price of the cars alone, he could go out and purchase a fully built (both top and bottom end) stroked 4.2 or 4.3L and hook it up behind the twins and cut ALOT more time off his ETs. Sure you could do that, but I guarantee you with the aftermarket we have now, our built strokers can be had for much less than one for a 32v Cobra.

    Uh-ohh, it all of a sudden does look like the V6 is one hell of a performance buy doesn't it????

    Quit stirring the pot, jag-off. You've already beat this horse into the ground the last few days. Let it be.
  12. So there you have it, you said it yourself. It costs him $300 more to trap 1mph SLOWER than me. Also I could trap alot higher if I had forged rods. My car was not limited to 483rwhp because of anything but rods. If I had had forged rods and pistons I would have had 600rwhp on that supercharger alone. So are you telling me that he is trapping 121mph on a stock bottom end V6? If so great, he is still slower than me and it costs him more money. Also yes his car cost alot less, so what happens when we resale our cars? I will get alot more for mine. We are talking about engines here, not the cars. Stay on topic jag-off. ;)
  13. How much power are you making in your V6?
  14. Sorry, nut fuzz but when you factor in one cost in a performance build, you must factor in all of them. You can't just go through the price list and pick and choose what you include in the "performance" cost appraisal. So yes the price of the cars that you are currently comparing does count. It makes zero sense to say they don't. And also I specifically said factory engine, meaning he did not have forged rods either so leave the hypotheticals of "if I had forged rods" out of this comparison. Stay on topic jag off. :)
  15. I couldn't tell ya if I wanted to :(
    We'll talk later...I'm missing Letterman. :p
  16. Believe it or not, but (now listen closely), SOME PEOPLE ARE SATISFIED WITH ONLY OWNING A SIX BANGER. Wassup with all these threads going on these days? :bang:
  17. I have a 200 v6 completely stock except some tires (WoW!) :shrug: i am puttin a dual exhaust a CAI and maybe some small exterior **** (chrome or plastic nothin to "ricey") and ya know what i couldn't be any more happy with my car. i get to work or school with good MPG and i love the way it looks. and it helps with the ladies. i honestly couldn't ask for anymore. so ya know what if you want your cobra to make up for you small penis then let me hop on my Suzuki GSX 1300R and womp all over your pathetic a$$. how about hat. hypotheticals don't mean **** oh did i mention i am happy with my 6? cuz i am :D
  18. :rlaugh: What the hell are you talking about you idiot? Price of the cars has NOTHING to do with the power the engines put out. And still, the bottom line is his car IS NOT as fast as my car is with more money than I have put in my car. Also if I had turbos instead of a supercharger I would have be in the 550rwhp range instead of 483rwhp. So if you are going to talk about what engine is better then you need to have mod for mod. I tell you what, why don't we take a 03 Cobra engine which is forged stock. Put on a twin turbo kit with 66mm turbos and we will take the V6 engine and do nothing but forge the internals and we will put the same turbo kit on it. Then lets see who makes the most power. ;) All of you guys keep throwing in "Well you cobra cost more than my V6 blah blah blah." Who gives a rats ass? Obviously if you could afford a Cobra you would own one. No one in their right mind buys a Mustang V6 with performance in mind. Yes I paid about $10,000 more for my car and yes you could make a V6 faster with the money you save. But guess what, I have the money to mod my Cobra. So I don't see any of you V6 guys beating it. Infact right as we speak my Cobra is getting Billet rods and deep dish pistons put in and later I'm putting on a turbo kit. So as my car stood BEFORE it got forged rods I could beat the fastest Mustang V6 on that other site. Case closed
  19. You know what it doesn't really matter. Yes he was on a stock bottom end for the TT setup, that was my point. You can buy a 6 for less cash and mod it for roughly the same price for parts as you would a GT, or a little less sometimes from what I can see what you guys pay for some stuff( although gains are not always the same as you guys get). You may sell the GT for more than the 6 but you also paid more to begin with so it evens out, does that make sense? For the most part though, most people that own a 6 will never take it that far, and your right you can max out your power alot greater than you ever could a 6. I think most of us understand that. Thanks Atlblue for giving details I just couldn't be bothered to write cause I'm tired of the subject. You do your thing and well do ours, cause I'm sure your stang is nice and I don't care if you like my car or not (or get why we mod it)cause it gets me to work and back home again and its something to play with on the weekend.
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