Where are the fast V6's?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Monkie, no reason to terrorize the V6 forums.

    People buy V6s because Ford sells them for less money, they carry the same visual appeal, and people generally pay less to insure them. They also get significantly better gas mileage.

    And people that want to go faster get GTs or Cobras. But GTs and Cobras, remember, are the minority.

    Out of the hundred thousand + Mustangs that are sold every year.... not many people even know what trapping at 122 mph means.

    Oh, and I wanna see your paint job, sounds nice. PM me pictures.
  2. Im not even a 6 driver but I thought I would read this thread just for the fun of it. Monkie what would you say if you were somewhere with your V8 and some guy came up to you and said "why did you waste your time putting a S/C on that small block. Why we'rnt you as smart as me and invest it in a big block?" Some people enjoy the thrill of making something that isnt fast into something that can compete. What do you have to say about the guys that turbo their 4 bangers? They are all just looking for something that they can enjoy. Maybe you like to mod your V8 and maybe someothers enjoy more of a challenge. People mod a vehicle to have something that they can be proud of and just enjoy what they have acomplished.
  3. You're so full of crap. I've driven my co-workers 03 GT and his 03 F-150 HD pickup. They are both quite fast, but I don’t think my car is a waste. Unlike you seem to think, my car is a way for me to get around the city. I'm not trying to show people how much money I have, or how fast my car is. That’s irrelevant to me, I need transportation and my "waste" of a V6 is quite adequate transportation since I'm NOT paying $1200 every 6 months in insurance for a V8 that’s not going to get me anywhere any faster.
  4. :cheers: You explained that very nice, but I don't think that he will ever understand.
  5. im not even going to sit here and read all these threads, i read enough on the first page, my v6 has 290rwhp, thats almost double what a stock v6 has, id say thats pretty damn good with all things considered, yes of course if the same amount of money was spent on a v8 would be faster, dur!?!? but its easy to buy a fast car, its better to make it
  6. And I was not talking to you. The quote you took that from was not directed towards you so don't quote me and reply to it like I was. :rolleyes: :notnice:
  7. lol dude do u get a kick out of making fun of V6 owners? You asked why mod a V6, well you got your answered, don't keep instigating, go back to your cobra forum where u can talk to some guys with "real" cars.

    You know what I love, how "if i had a turbo I'd be making this and that blah blah" lol, do you have it buddy?
    Hey if I had a lamborghini I wouldn't have to do any work to it i'd still beat your crappy small engined cobra. Oh but wait, you'll see, I'll get it, and I'll whoop on you.
    Now you tell me something...why did you really come into this forum and ask these questions? Did you really want to know, or are you starting crap?

    Ok to the V6 guys now.... This is exactly one of those guys that we were talking about on that one thread where one bad apple ruins it for the rest of the V8 guys, what an idiot, lol I see why he called himself "monkie" hahaha

  8. Never driven a Cobra, but I have driven my ex GF's 03 GT many times, and I have riden in a lightning, can't say my hair was blown back with excitement.
  9. You can mod anything and make it fast for any price. It's all about where you find the stuff, and how much you can get that stuff for. My friend Robbie bought an Integra VTEC engine extremely cheap. He assembled his own turbo kit and put some pistons and rods in and was running mid 12's. He tore down his engine and rebuilt it for high boost and put it back in his Civic hatchback. It was I think the second fastest street civic in the US. Dyno'd at 582 hp and 363 lb ft at the wheels on 29 lbs of boost. Granted it's not a lot of torque, but definately enough to get that light car off the line. His quickest 1/4 was an 11.3 at somewhere around 140 mph. He never got a run on slicks though and has since sold the engine and car. I'm pretty sure he had about 20 to 25K invested in the car and engine. You can make anything fast, it's all about your taste. Had you really wanted an answer to your question, you could have done some research. You may have honestly wanted to know the answer, but I'm thinking you wanted to start a flame war in the process. You've gotten answers, this thread is done. Would someone please lock this?
  10. Go for a ride in a 03 Cobra with a pulley or if you lived close by I'd give you a ride in mine. You're missin out on some fun. :D
  11. No right now they are building the kit and getting it ready to ship to me. :(

    In a straight line? From a dead stop? Doubtful.

    I wanted to know why you guys think that a V6 is worth modding. I had a V6 and I tried to mod it and I was in the same boat as you guys. Its pointless, waste of money, and a headache. Its like saying you want to work out to get big muscles but you would rather start off a skinny guy instead of starting off with some muscles. It just makes no sense.

    Say what you want, but at the end of the day I will be the one laughing.
  12. But you have to ask yourself one question:

    When someone wants a ride in your Mustang, but they don't know what motor it has in it yet, do they hope it has a V6 or a V8?

    Only one engine configuration is iconic for the history of Mustang, the V8... so you have to wonder why that is.

    Not dissing V6. They are def getting better than they were, power wise, but so are the V8s. Be happy with a V6 if that's what works for you, but don't try and talk it up as something it is not (which just makes people laugh at you).

    Your V6 BTW is much more powerful than the V8's from mid '70s, so you can be happy knowing that. I was actually around to se those pitiful Mustangs :nonono:
  13. please excuse my fellow V8 stangers. we all arent as narrow minded as some (such as the rezidant speeling champ here). whatever you want it what you should build. its your money, do whatever will make you happy with it.
  14. How am I narrow minded if I own both a V8 and a 4 cylinder? Explain that to me...
  15. Someone tell me why you would take a Cobra and try and make it fast when nowadays you can get a stock V6 or stock turbo 4 to kill what a 99 Cobra does stock.

    It's a stupid question.

    Why does anyone mod anything... there is always somthing out there faster. Then again... you are a troll.

    I wasted enough calories typing this, isn't worth anymore.
  16. You make no sense. Why would you buy a V6 or stock 4 cylinder turbo and MOD it to do what a Cobra can do stock? And who keeps a Cobra stock anyways? Then what are you gonna do? :shrug:
  17. whatever the **** I want.

    Read closer.

    I said STOCK vs STOCK, there are faster cars with less cylenders and smaller displacent that can run down a STOCK Cobra.

    Ex. Subaru WRX STi 2.5L 4cyl.
  18. oh brother...people are retarded....YOU MOD A 6 TO BEAT AN 8 FOR THE SATISFACTION OF BEATING AN 8! if a 6 loses to an 8, its "Expected" but if they beat an 8, then its an upset, you have nothing to lose with a v6 vs a v8
  19. What the hell, this isn't WRX forums. We are talking about V6 MUSTANGS

    And no a STI WRX is not faster then a 03 Cobra. Try again...
  20. So what's the point? You roll up to a stock Cobra and you race it and you beat it then you laugh and say "Dude, you just got waxed by a V6 Mustang and I only have $10,000 worth of mods to my car! HAHAHA!" :rolleyes: :notnice: Yeeeeea
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