Where are the fast V6's?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. I'll tell you monkie, When I bought my stang, I couldn't tell you what was in it and I really didn't care. I liked the way it looked and drove really didn't even know it came with another engine. Now that I know from being on the forums here I have been slowly been sucked into modding. I would like to finish my 6 before I start on an 8, I make enough money that spending cash in modding won't really bother me. But I would like to learn on a less expensive vehicle, I would hate to F up a cobra or something I paid $$ for.

  2. Let's see....new 03 Cobra list price for a coupe...about $35k...alright. Now, New 03 V6 list price for a coupe...about $18k. Alright. So, 18 + 10 = 28k right? 35k....28k.....which is cheaper? I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love the smaller engine stangs (including you 4 cylinder guys) b/c they make a perfect sleeper. I respect someone who can build a small motor car into a beast alot more than I will ever respect someone who just buys a fast car and acts like a bada$$.

  3. The Cobra is not a V6 Mustang...and it is the topic of every one of your posts. :scratch: :OT:
  4. Why????? Gas mileage.........driving from Ohio to Memphis, TN, I got 28 miles per gallon. From my house to Columbus, OH 28 mpg. I have lower insurance, my car was cheaper and I don't get my jollies off going into the V6 forums and bashing other people who like the same car as you.

    You're the reason why V6ers don't like GT/Cobra owners
  5. Yeah you are
  6. Atleast I'm comparing Mustangs to Mustangs! :rolleyes:
  7. Wow, you are still driving around a damn cloth interior basic Mustang. A Cobra has leather/suade seats, 6 speed tranny, fog lights, IRS, huge brakes, yadda yadda yadda. I guess if you like driving around a basic car then you made the right choice! :nice:
  8. okay.........so I'm cool because I have leather seats? What kind of an argument is that? I have foglights on my car, baer claw 13" brakes, and a loud whistle under the hood. You're essentially comparing a scooter to a crotch rocket. The V6 mustangs are not known for speed....they're economical. (Let's all say it together). The Cobra is the top of the line mustang (without stepping up to Roush/Steeda/Saleen, etc). They don't compare to each other. If you can find some other basis to compare them on, have at it.
  9. Good...you agree with me.
  10. this is...........gay

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  11. Right, I do agree with you on the fact that the Cobra and the V6 Stang are no comparison. But why even start a thread talking s**t when we all know that the Cobra's are Ford's top dog.
  12. Because there are guys on here that think if you want to go faster buying a V6 is the way to go instead of wasting your money on a V8. And if there is someone that doesn't know anything about cars and wants to buy a car to mod to go fast they might actually buy a V6 Mustang thinking that is the better way to go. :bs:
  13. so when's this thread getting locked??!!?
  14. Ahh, man...my head keeps hurting more and more but yet I feel compelled top torture myself with this thread so here goes one last time...

    First of all, you calling BS b/c the fuel upgrades would "wash my engine away" shows you know nothing about how the V6 engine works. First of all, at the same amount of HP, the V6 needs more fuel than the V8. I am not going to pretend to know exactly why, but thats the way the world revolves. If you wanna call bs, fine but be my guest to prance on over to www.v6power.net/forum and tell the boys in the power adder forum what you said above. I'd say it would take all of 3 minutes before you got set straight, but I could be over-estimating.

    Now, as far as the 99+ fuel system goes, and you should listen up since you are included and maybe you'll learn a little something [email protected] The returnless fuel system has a special feature, a transducir of sorts I believe it is, that can actually regulate the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine. This means that theoretically speaking, I could put in a alot more pump than whats there now and still the ECU & fuel system would pump ONLY what my engine actually needs. Same for the 42's...it sounds like alot of fuel but thats what the custom burned chip is for, numb nuts. Not only does the extra fuel supply stay regulated and not "wash my engine away", but it also gives me plenty of room to grow in the future.

    Now, I could care less if you called BS or not on my combo. I generally do lie about stupid stuff like this on the internet... WTF??? If you can read, I'm suer you saw the link to my website in my sig so help yourself out... plenty of pics of the engine, blower, car, fuel access, etc...

    And for the last time, car price does count...why would it not?? You have some kind of disorder of sorts where this point is concerned b/c you obviously cannot comprehend what I am talking about. If you and I walk into a used car lot and I spy a 00 V6 for $9,000 and you settle on a 99 Cobra for 18,000, then we leave and proceed to mod. Now, like 99.9995% of all car moders out there, we are on a budget of some sort; lets say $22,000 or so which in reality is way more than most folks will ever have. Well, it appears to me that I've got a whole hell of alot more $$$ to play with than you. Hell, you can't even get a blower kit and the necessary fuel upgrades for $4000. Point made??? I believe so...now do us all a favor and castrate yourself now before you infect future generations with your demented, probably half brain-dead offspring.
  15. I'm going out on a limb here and assuming I'm supposed to be one of those guys. WRONG, sorry. I have merely tried to represent the other half as you say you originally intended to hear from. I never said I would intentionally buy a V6 over a Cobra just to make it faster...Hell, I was window shopping at the dealership today and came across an 03 Cobra for 22K or so... I actually gave it a split second though of leaving my car there and throwing my fiance in hoping for a straight up swap. :D That idea didn't float if you know what I mean...I almost ended up walking home. :)

    I apologize for the personal attacks b/c it removes any honest integrity from a legitiamte discussion....I just get caught up in these arguments b/c no matter what the intent at first is, it always gets ugly, as evidenced here. I simply wanted to try to play devils advocate for "our" side since our fan base is still quite small.

    With that said, I think I have said all I should/need to say on this topic, so I bid you all farewell until the next exciting thread pops up. :nice:
  16. no way in hell I'm reading all that. :nono: But congrats on a 260rwhp V6 Stang. :nice: I bet its pretty quick around town. :banana:
  17. Now you see, you are still being an ass. I'm just really not sure why when I simply tried to bury the hatchet... :shrug:

  18. dude you really are being an ass, whats your problem? it sounds like you have some kind of issues, and the way you make it sound, Ford shouldn't even make a V6 Mustang. I think your issues need to be settled somehwere else other than here cuase you wont' get anything out of this, you're so annoying...

  19. How the hell was I being an ass? I don't care about tech on a V6, I will never own one (atleast one that I mod) so I don't care if it takes 68lb injectors to run 300rwhp. I gave the dude props on his ride. Let it be
  20. A Mustang nation divided against itself cannot stand :nonono:
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