where are the themes?

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  1. My dark theme disappeared. WHYYYYYYY

    There is only one theme now(apart from the mobile ones). WTF?
  2. Hurry up dammit. All this bright white background is hurting my eyes.
  3. How can we remain calm when the upgrades will kills us all?

  4. :lol:

    Robot Chicken ftmfw
  5. +1 This is killing me! I logged on and my whole world was turned upside down!
  6. Where the hell are the Quick Reply boxes now?! :fuss:
  7. And quick reply is back.

    Patience people... :) Pulling hair out most of the day. I always dread these upgrades.
  8. nice work guys :) I need to do some updates on my sites too, but I'm too lazy!
  9. A Dark Sweet Blue is available. I will tweak it some more (white ad space) later. Gotta take a break.
  10. Hey Mike, this looks like it did before the last upgrade. :notnice: :D :hide:

    Just some ideas oh kind and gracious sir.
    The new dark needs to be darker on the edges. The thread description of where you are is way to long and messes page layout for rapid changes between sections.
    The little boxes that tell you if you posted in that thread or whatever the little x's mean.... the last system was better. Even the one that we had earlier today around one oclock worked well. Easy to decipher what was going on at a glance.

    Also the OT and specialty section now says "Speacialty Fun For" when its in the task bar while I think its funny people at work may have issues. :rlaugh:

    Also, Avatars next to the post instead of above fills up wide screans better and gives the site a better look overall IMHO. Allows for less scrolling and viewing of multiple posts on the same screen. :nice:
  11. Yeah, that black border works! :nice:

    EDIT: Holy cow! You switched the avatars too! Are you god cat? :eek: :hail2:
  12. Ill keep tweaking. Not many people use it but I know u guys like it. The Google Ads will get a dark background to help and Ill try and change the icons.
  13. I am sure I log more hours here than anyone and the dark screen keeps me from blinding myself this time of night. :rlaugh:
    The current tweak looks nice. :nice: An online/offline wording would look cooler then the check mark too.
    So whats up with all the blank space on the sides of the screen? Is that for thoes that still have regular screens?

    Coming along well though, keep up the good work. :nice:

    All of this is similar to LVC now. :shrug:
  14. I have a question about the update, when I go to look at threads and there is a big add on the side of the thread it shrinks the thread width to about 6 inches wide, is it my computer settings or is it something to do with the updating?
  15. There is an adslot that had to update to get the right size in there, should be fixed now.
  16. Re: Dark Theme

    In order to move content up the page, I put the sponsor logos on the right side, someone suggested they Like the postbit legacy style (which puts your avatar and stats on the left side). In doing that, the text space and content of the post is in a middle block. If I move you over to the new Postbit info where your stats and avatar are above, there will be more room for the text content. It's a choice up to you guys... there are only a few who use the dark, so just let me know.

  17. Much better thank you