where are the themes?

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  1. I'll try to find a nice button set for this dark theme and will inverse the StangNet logo. That should get you guys pretty dark. ;)
  2. avatars above the posts :nice:
  3. Hey Mike, I have a bunch of buttons for dark themes, if you wanna sort through them and see if you like any of them.

    button set 1

    button set 2

    button set 3

    A couple of them may have similar/same buttons. I'm not sure, since they both came from the same place, but for different dark themes.
  4. Good work

    Love the new dark layout :nice:

    I always use it cause with the amount of time I spend in front of the puter everyday, my eyes just feel more relaxed by the end of the day.

  5. Under the Stangnet logo, the little folder icons next to the threads title and what forum you are in (the reload button) were better in the bluish color. In black they just about dissapear.
  6. I like the new dark! Good job!
  7. I like the new theme although it sent me for a loop at first

    Off Topic - Mike did you guy and buy one of those silly GT 500's? I think it's time you traded for a 95.

    Cheers, and great job on the damage control :nice:

  8. Ya couldn't pass up the offer on the GT500. :)
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  10. once you set your theme to a mobile one how do you reset it? I am stuck in a mobile looking theme and cant find out how to change it. it sucks
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  11. once you set your theme to a mobile theme how do you reset it? I am on a pc and the option to chance it is no longer there under options???
    i am on a pc to by the way
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  12. Sweet Blue doesn't have an icon to show what posts are new :(
  13. seems like they are back. Thanks :nice:
  14. I there any way to get rid of all the empty space on the sides? Minus the ads, I have like 3 inches if width that is just black. Im talking about the Dark sweet blue. Is that the only dark one we will be getting?
  15. General feedback
    It takes at least twice as long for pages to load
    Sweet blue is too light, dark sweet blue is better. Any other options coming?
    Can the main field be widened ~25% overall?