Where can I buy a new set of lifters

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  1. I'm having trouble tracking down a supplier of lifters for my 92 mustang, one of them isnt pumping up and its ticking, I need to get a new set. Anyone know how much a set runs and where I can get one?

  2. Subscribing, I have a nasty tick in mine too.

  3. Have you tried the local parts store?
  4. Advance auto parts can order them if they don't have em in stock. My autozone had them in stock. Probably almost any parts store can at least order them for you, and have them the next day.
  5. When i did my valve stem seals i had a bad lifter. Just went up to advance, picked one up for 5 bucks, and went on my way :spot:
  6. How hard are they to replace? My Chilton's doesn't have jack about doing it. I'm guessing ya just have to pull the valve cover and the stuff it takes to do that....then what?

  7. Just pop off the follower, pull out the old lifter, drop in the new one, replace follower. That's it.
  8. Lube it too. :D
  9. the should just slide out, but some maybe stubborn little hermits and not wanna come out with out a fight. and yes this situation calls for some lubrication:)
  10. So where exactly did you look for them?
  11. *cough**cough*no where*cough* ...Any way to tell if you have a bad lifter when assembling the head, mine will be back from the shop soon enough, but i dont want to put together only to hafta yankthe vavle cover :notnice:
  12. A few online sites, summit etc...

    Had a stash in paypal, wanted to see if I could knock it out.
  13. Buy what you need online on www.advanceautoparts.com and then pick it up in store...best of both worlds use up your money but don't wait for shipping
  14. btw you can get those from Ford as well. F67z-6500-AA. I only paid $6.40 each.

    -I see that's a '92 you mentioned w/ roller cam. Don't know if those are the same lifters or not. Those are the sliders cam lifters above. I *think* they are interchangable. Anyone know?