Where Can I Buy Myself A New Terminator Engine?

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  1. so I have a 2001 bullitt and I’m tired of the 2v so I’m looking to terminator swap it but I can’t seem to find a new terminator engine. Can someone point me in the direction on finding one please and thanks!
  2. Post a wanted (wtb) ad in the classifieds
    And welcome to stangnet.
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  5. Yeah I’m gonna try that and thanks!
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  6. Yeah I can understand that lol. Honestly though-if a 4Valve is what you are after-I would check the local junkyards for ‘04 + Crown Vic’s etc. they can usually be bought fairly cheap

    Edit:Crown Vic’s came with 2V’s
    Momentary lapse in thought-pointed out by Matt
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  7. The terminator engine is aluminum right?
    Did the marauder have an all aluminum engine?
  8. Hmmm. I was thinking a Termi was just a 4V with a Blower. But I’m pretty sure you’re right :(
  9. Crown Vics didn't get 4vs.
  10. Having a bad night :(
    They did get 3V’s though right?
  11. Nope.
  12. I found a couple places that have 'cobra' engines, new, no prices though, didn't see anthing used but didn't spend much time on it.
    Don't know much about mod engines but didn't trucks and suv's aluminum engines?
    Maybe I need to look into 5.4 mod swapping my fox
  13. That one was a joke :oops:
  14. Sure it was.
  15. Glad we agree
  16. Of course we do.
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  17. Maybe it's me but why would you ruin a Bullitt car or do I swap at all build a forged bottom end Terminator block then boost it
  18. Look into a wrecked F 150 with a coyote for a donor. They came in 2011+ models and were at least 360 hp. The only two differences are slightly lower compression than the mustang version and milder cams. Put some comp cams in and your very easily above the 400 hp mark.