Where can I download a good engine horsepower calculator?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by streetstang67, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Where can I download a good desktop dyno like program for free? I want to see how much power I will make with different cams. I also want to see what I could run in the quarter mile with different gears and stalls. Where can I download a good program that takes all that into effect before giving you an esitimate/calculation?
  2. Search for Dyno 2000 on Kazaa.

  3. do a search for 'performance trends engine analyzer'. it's a MUCH better program than desktop dyno. they also have a dragstrip analyzer. i plugged in the engine and car specs for a '68 and it came to within 1 mph of my actual 1/4 mile trap.
  4. Find it yet? I'm looking for it as well.

  5. The performance trends analyzer is good, do a search as he suggested.
  6. According to March '04 issue of HOT ROD, ProRacingSim is good - you can check it out at www.proracingsim.com. They have DynoSim and DragSim.
  7. hey im looking to download engien analyzer and i cant find it the ones ive found dont work and have viruses, can anyone help?:)