Where can I find the actual MAF curves?

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  1. I have two different MAF's and need the curves for them. Flow vs. output voltage. I can not find anything on them. They may both be the same ... thanks.

  2. Do you know what those MAF's are off of? I do not know the part numbers in relation to the maf. I am better at the maf per car it was off of.
  3. I believe they are off of the Ford Ranger 90-2000 years. I think one may have been used on the early Mustang as well.

    I have a spec racer ford with a Rousch engine and this is the MAF on it. I am putting a turbo on the car and need the curve so I can modify it.
  4. If your going turbo I would look at a diff. maf altogether than something that was stock on anything ford put out...I just do not see any maf from a ranger being able to support a roush motor and a turbo. You will probably be better off e-bay-ing those mafs than getting them to work.

    I would be looking at the SCT mafs and blow threw MAF's...maybe...maybe a LMAF or 03 cobra maf at least.
  5. The MAF is plenty big ... it is a 4 cylinder engine and it will flow more air that the engine can ever use under and circumstance.

    But, I still need the curve data ... that is accurate. I thing the bin file in the ECM has already been tweaked so I don't beleive it and can not use it as a base-line.
  6. The F67F-12B579-EA was used on Taurus, Ranger, Escort, the F37F-12B579-FA is for a '94 Ranger.

    It's not about the MAF's ability to FLOW more air as in physically able to let air pass and not be a restriction, because what you are saying is true, that diameter is fine. What is the limiting factor is the MAFs ability to MEASURE the air. In stock form it 'pegs' when the MAF hits 4.7 volts (with a tune 4.998 volts). And with the combo you describe, the MAF will probably no doubt peg without something like a MAF.ia to extend the electronic range. To read about pegging, look in the tech section of our website: http://www.lasotaracing.com/Late model maf.html

  7. Great info Don and thank you! I am only going to run 6-8 Psi on the boost so I hope this MAF will handle that.

    I thought that was where the MAF was from. How did you find that information? Now all I need is the value vs. Vout and I am all set. Is there a way to get this?

    Also, are the data tables for these two MAF's the same in that X Kg/hr = Y volts ... same on both units?

  8. Rex,
    Since you are dead set on using that ecu/bin and that maf meter, just modify the MAF Transfer until you get the AFR to match the command...

    It will take more time to do this compared to finding a MAF meter with a known transfer,
    But for someone who has hacked out his own bin/definiton files.... that shouldn't be a stumbling point :flag:

    What binary editor software are you using?

    Keep us posted,
  9. I did not do the hacking ... Derek did it in the UK and I think it was done with CATS.

    From what I hear ands see, there are no "known" MAF transfer tables. This seems to be top secret stuff but soon to be cracked. I went over to my friends shop today and will use his flow bench and flow the MAF and a couple others. I can hook up the Innovate and log the flow as well. Then I can compare them.

    I would be happy to use another ECU but I don't have one and thing are pretty hard to come by here. The nearest junk yard is 100+ miles. I am also limited on the MAF physical space. I don't have the luxury of a full size car in my spec racer. It took 4 days to come up with a mounting and header pipe just for the turbo so it would fit under the body work.