where can i find these rims?

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  1. i cant find 4 lug '00 chrome Cobra R 18x9s anywhere online... anyone know where i can get some?
  2. isnt that the same thing mob was looking for ? ill see if i can find the link
  3. No... That's '03 Cobras.
  4. yeah but there were alot of links leading to other rims.. i think there was 00s in there too
  5. Good luck, haven't seen 4-lug '00 R's around, and if I did I doubt they were were 18"s.
  6. I think I have seen 17" versions, and they looked terrible!
  7. Ive seen them.
  8. Ive seen them in 18s and they look good.


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  9. I usually don't like those rims but they look hot on your car, Dean85GT.
  10. e-bay someone is always selling something
  11. The 18" versions look good even in 4lug, the 17"s just dont look right to me!
  12. Why not just do a five lug swap since youre buying new wheels anyway?
    Then you can upgrade your brakes at the same time.