Where Can I Get A An Fuel Factory Spring Lock Fitting

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  1. So I am getting ready to switch over to the Edelbrock Intake manifold and fuel rails on my 98gt. I'm wanting to keep my stock feed and return lines and fittings that head back toward the fuel tank so I need the aftermarket female end fitting to do so. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just want to be sure I get the correct size for both the feed and return portion.
  2. Junk yard has plenty.
  3. Hmm I dont think you understand what I'm asking... I would like to know where to find these aftermarket fitting to be able to plug into my stock Feed and return lines...........

  4. Have you talked to Earls or another hose fitting company.
  5. I havnt reached out to any manufacture yet. Was just curious if anyone new the correct sizing. I know russell has these style connections but not sure on the size.
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  6. They should know what you need if connecting to stock lines.
  7. My bad. Thought you were taking about stock connections.