Where can I get a list of all recals and tsbs.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by DJewell, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I'm planning on buying a 1999-2000 GT and have been reading about the car on this site for a long time. I'm gonna need to purchase from a dealer because of a bankruptcy 2 years ago. Before I buy the car I would like to have (which I'm sure is huge) a complete and total list of all the technical survice bullitins and recals on the particular car that I buy. Where can I find this info? Are there any more lists that I should aquire along the same lines. I've look on blueovalnews and can't find much.

    Furthermore, how will I be able to check to see that all recalls and TSBs have been taken care of?

    Thanks in advance, this will be a huge weight off my shoulders. Wether what I find out is good or bad will not matter. Not knowing is the worst.