Where can I get a rebuild kit for a 2.3L Turbo?

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  1. Hey everybody. i start my swap May 1st and I need a rebuild kit for the engine. I was wondering where everyone got there rebuild kits.


  2. parts store.

    I just got all my stuff from advance this past weekend. Just about every gasket for it was like $5 or less. Only one that was $$$ was the head gasket because I didn't go for the stock replacement felpro one for $13, I popped for the $45 #1035 felpro head gasket since it's got stronger combustion rings on it to help with higher boost which this engine will definitely see :hail2:

    also, for your pcv valve that you'll most certainly want to replace go get the FORD motorcraft one. I recently learned that it is "special" to the turbo motors.

    motorcraft# EV-127-A at a dealership parts counter. Also, make sure you get a rubber valve cover gasket and that it has the little metal rings around the bolt holes (they are torque-to-yield) so that you can't overtighten them and break the aluminum valve cover...and yes, it's reusable.
  3. You can go to www.northernautoparts.com for complete rebuild kits. Thats what I did and also Stinger. I think they are the best site for us personally.
  4. thanks thats what i needed to know. I was lookin on that Northern Auto Parts and found a 2.3L Turbo master kit that includes:

    Federal Mogul Moly Rings
    Federal Mogul offset recessed head Pistons
    Federal Mogul Rod Brgs
    Federal Mogul Main Brgs
    Federal Mogul Cam Brgs
    Melling Oil Pump
    Federal Mogul Camshaft
    Federal Mogul Lifters
    Melling Timing Components
    Pioneer Frost Plugs
    Victor Gaskets

    for $334.04

    Is this a good kit or should i just buy things piece by piece?
  5. If your motor isn't blown up then just get the rering kit for 135 bux.
  6. ok cool thanks stinger. but that kit doesnt come with that $45 felpro #1035 does it?
  7. What about if I need to or want to rebuild the turbo?
  8. You don't want that kit anyway, the pistons are hypereutectics which don't hold up in a turbo engine.
  9. thanks red lx. i was wondering if they were forged or not. what about that cam. i have never heard of that cam before. ill just do the re ring kit because my engine is fine. just needs to be rebuilt.
  10. What cam? If it's the cam that comes with the kit, it's probably just a stock replacement cam.

    I myself am planning on just getting a rering kit for my engine, and then picking up the oil pump, freeze plugs, etc from the parts store.
  11. There is a big difference between need and want.