Where Can I Get A Windsor Motor For My 5.0

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  1. i was wondering where the windsor motors are coming from that guys are dropping into their 5.0's
    my first guess was the blocks out of for econoline vans? i have no idea. i would rather not buy a new one pulling one out of a car and re working it is the plan if possible. anyone care to enlighten me?
  2. and can you go efi instead of a carb?
  3. Most of them come out of Vans and trucks. I think it's the 94' and up blocks that are predrilled for roller cams. They don't actually come with roller cams, but the block is set up to accept them. All of the 302 EFI stuff will work on a 351 once you put a 351 lower intake on it.

  4. thought so...i was contemplating between three options for my rebuild this winter...either a kenne bell twin screw blowzilla, stroking my 302 to a 347, or doing the 351w setup
  5. Unless you are making big power, I just don't see the advantage of going to a 351 block. It's massively more expensive because there are so many nickel and dime parts that add up.

  6. Learn from my mistakes. Do the 351 built it well. Then if you later add a power adder. The block wont split before you enjoy it.
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  7. Kurt that being said what direction would you go? Stroker or Forced induction? i mean that kenne bell blowzilla is one bada$$ system
  8. It depends on what you want to get out of it. It takes at least 500hp to split a stock 5.0 block. I'd do a nice solid rebuild on a stock 302 block if you want to use it on the street. You can reuse the stock crank and rods. When you do that throw a little better cam shaft in there. Then hang around the classifieds until you see a good deal on a used Vortech/Paxton or Procharger kit. A complete kit for a 94-95 doesn't pop up very often, but they usually go for the $1000-$1500 range. You already have a decent set of heads. What intake are you running on this car?

    Once you start getting into the power range that requires the strength of a 351 all the supporting stuff ends up breaking the bank as well. Big money for a transmission, and big money for a rear end.