Where could the oil be going???

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  1. on my drive home I lost about a half a quart it is about a 10 hour trip all highway miles. I do have 10,000 mile old Twisted wedge heads. they were bought new though. I see no smoke while driving or on startup whatsoever. The rear main leaks a lil but not bad no other oil leaks where could it be going the motor has 93k on it. Maybe a PCV problem? is that a normal amount if the PCV is screwed? also where is the PCV located? also i will do a comp test but i think ti will be good the car starts strong and drives grerat what do you think thanks
  2. Slide a piece of cardboard under your car when you park it at night and see if any oil appears overnight. You can also run the car over the cardboard for 15-20 minutes in order to see any drips. The PCV valve is in the back of the lower intake. Look at the back of the lower intake and you will see a hose plugged into a black grommet. Just pull on the hose and the PCV valve will pop out. Make sure the wire mesh canister is in the grommet. You can also look around the front and rear lower intake seals for leaks. If your rear main is leaking then that is your first bet. Once the engine is at speed it may be leaking rapidly. The cardboard test will help you find that.
  3. will the compression test rule out worn rings I doubt the heads arer worn they are not that old but do TW heads burn oil?
  4. A static compression test will tell you if there are serious problems with the rings or cylinder walls, but it won't rule them out as the culprit.

    Could be worse, though -- a buddy of mine has a 95 GT vert that blows through a quart of oil every 300 miles :eek:. And the motor only has 80k :nonono:.

  5. I had a oil problem once....and it was bad i went through 1.5-2 qt of oil in 1000miles....this was right after i switched from mobile one to redline....then i went to royla purple and the problem went away....after that i went to AMSOIL and i have not lost a drop of oil....all these have been 10w30....Also non of them realy leaked more then a drop on the floor of the grage
  6. i was using valvoline max life but am gonna switch to castrol I really think the motor is in good shape I will see tomm from the comp test but could i lose that half a quart in the 800 miles froma bad pcv

    ALSO iforgot this I used a can of engine restore with 4 and a half quarts when i changed my oil for the first time on the car since I bought it. Does that stuff burn off is it designed too that could be the deal maybe?????
  7. does anyone know if engine restore disappears or burns off? My car never lost oil until I added the restore
  8. Those heads could still have bad valve stem seals. You should do a leakdown test also.
  9. the comp test came out fine could it be possible that the loss of oil was just the engine restore I only pit 4 and a half quarts in and a can of engine restore abotu a half a quart. This was my first oil change