Where did my Mustang go?

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  1. It has been snowing more here than it has in eleven years. I can't recall the last time I actually had to deem two vehicles unserviceable due to not having the time to dig them out, or the free space to put the snow.

    This photo was after an hour and a half of digging my truck out - we got another six inches after I went to bed.

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    Oh yeah, our road doesn't get plowed either....

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  2. looks like some fun offroading possibilities!!!

  3. Yeah, the truck sure burns alot more gas when you're constantly in 4WD though. And I lost count of how many rollover MVA's I've been paged out to in the past week with the firehall.
  4. Time to get out the horse and sleigh!
  5. Hey krash;

    Today, I had a repair customer from somewhere in the Pacific NW. She was laughing at me because I was still wearing my jacket just before noon - trying to kill a "cold" before it becomes a full-blown sinus infection.

    "You don't know anything about being cold" Okay, lady, whatever :mad:

    After I got her DSL running I "tested it out" by viewing some pictures..... First thing I pulled up was this thread; and your pictures.

    "Oh, my!" and she stopped trying to tell me how her hometown's weather was much more important....... :p :p :p

    Next customer (from Seattle) wasn't quite so overbearing :)
  6. Our last snow of the year started about 9AM and has been steady since.....only 3"-5" total expected tho'.............
  7. Well we aren't safe either. Just before xmas it snowed here about 8 inches at my house.
  8. However it is 60 degrees and sunny today lol:)
  9. We got 8 more inches of the cold white stuff today. The truck never made it home and the Sable barely clawed its way back up.
  10. Yeah, one of the bullfighters I hired for my Rodeo was up there for the PRCA convention and NFR at the beginning of the month. Said he didn't bring enough warm gear, and about froze his @zz off in Thomas and Mack at night. What can I say, the boy's from Phoenix.

  11. Sorry to be off-line so much much my equine brother, but I've been tied up so much with the therapeutic riding center, the fire department, and my real job (which is all the wife cares about at this time.)

    Since my last post, we had another 12 inches dumped on the roads.

    All those things aside - Has everybody had good times this past month?

    Perhaps we could spread some good mojo in this thread by talking about great holidays we have just had?

    All the best,

  12. Well, all I can say about my year so far is pretty much contained in my "New Member of the StangNet Family" thread. Can't wait to get some really good pictures to post!
  13. My new years been pretty good! Just finishing up on putting a whipple supercharger in a 06' mustang :flag: and am working on getting myself a new woman!

    all :nice: over here!
  14. My year is off to a rousing start too....new roomate and her pets have moved in, (her g/f is moving in in July) I've got some cash in the bank, and I'm getting paid good money for doing a job that I am LOVING...........:banana:
  15. did you just say:

    your new roomate


    HER g/f ???

  16. Yup. Tasha is my **adopted** daughter. She moved in w/ her dog (lab-pit mix, Stifler), three cats, Simon Theodore and Alvin, two snakes and fishies.:D
  17. I still love the idea of a dog named Stifler :p
  18. Funny my wife's name is Tasha... Someone said add some good pics above so Mustangs & Girls is like peanut butter and jelly lol :D

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