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  1. Are you saying "Women on the whole" are prostitutes? Exchanging their bodies, and freedom for financial well being? :lol: Joking

  2. Laughs aside, I guess I'm saying I have yet to be romantically involved with a woman who shares my values; money is a tool, it is to be used to obtain things. Emphasis on things, love is not a thing and further love is not a tool to be used to obtain things. Trying not to sound bitter, but my last girlfriend coated the knife in fecal matter(the wound never closes) then buried it in my chest. :nonono:
  3. Did you date my ex wife??????? I hear you man, we all have been there once or 3 times
  4. Fool me once, shame in you; fool me twice shame on me!

    Really, I don't think I can go through that again; I think it has made me overly cautious.
  5. I think you are applying for the wrong job. You should be applying for Dr. Phil's job.
  6. You know I just got that one, I need another beer Jeff Gordon won, I'm depressed.

  7. I like that idea. :D

  8. NO!

    (My favorite word, except when it is directed at me!)
  9. where's my hand powder?

  10. Is something bothering you?

    Maybe this will help: Congrats on being the first post on page 3! :nice: