Saleen Where do I find a used Saleen SC in CT?

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  1. Hey guys
    I've never posted in the saleen forum, but maybe some of ya know my perdicament. I had a 96 cobra, wrecked it, got a WRX, not happy and can't sell it. I've been gettin calls so hopefully soon it will be gone. What i need to know is how can i find a 99-2002 Saleen Supercharged? Autotrader doesnt let you get that specific in a search and didnt have any. There are no saleen dealers in CT either. Does anyone think it's possible to get one with low mileage in the mid $20k's.... I wanna try to spend $24k at most with under $45,000 miles. Think it's possible? any help would be appreciated. :nice:
  2. I know an ’03 model will be more costly than an ’02 but that is the year Saleen began offering the twin screw Lysholm/Autoroto blower and power rating of 375HP.

    How about this? Buy a normally aspirated S281, then install a KB blower on it.
  3. Try E-Bay, I did.

  4. That is the ticket. Buy a N/A Saleen and bolt on the Kenne Bell twin screw.

    2001Saleen181, Don't tell me you are waiting for a new motor because you blew yours from the boost and no tune?? Just curious.
  5. so you think getting a N/A 99-00 saleen, then paying for a supercharger and installation would be cheaper than buying the 281-SC ? does the NA have forged pistons etc? whats the power rating on a 99-01 s281sc? are they even fast? i really like the looks of the saleen but i dont like the sohc engine.
  6. In a nutshell the supercharged cars before 03 make 375 advertised hp. The N/A cars make 290. Saleen does not go below the intake. The only Saleen car in the 281 line up that recieves forged internals is the S281E car. (excluding the few Cobra Saleens that are out there)
    For the 281S/C they give you a new fuel pump and bolt on the blower. The nice thing for S/C owners is the supercharged cars hold their value in relation to being blown as opposed to not being blown.
    Since you have a budget, and you want a supercharged car, and your budget allows for a clean 02 and under car the choice is simple.
    Buy the cleanest 99 and up non supercharged car you can and bolt on the blower of your choice. You can make more H.P. with less boost with that Kenne Bell 9 lb. set up. That thing is good for A LOT of boost so you can pulley down as you go. Just remember a good tune also. Save your factory intake for that Saleen guy that will buy you r car when you are done with it.
  7. is a authorized Saleen dealer.Has new and used Saleen's ,Cobra's and fox body.
  8. i went with a no mile radius limit on autotrader. found mine in colorado and i live in georgia. you need to jack up the dollar value on your search to get through most of the GTs and V6s. i was able to find saleen GTs when i looked and a few 281scs. there was a great one in texas that i considered. look everywhere, i browsed mustang trader, autotrader, ebay, the big city paper (i.e. atlanta), and the saleen dealers has a listing of every dealer with a hyperlink. patience is key.

    i would agree with everyone on here about buying a 281. as the cliche goes, if i knew now what i didn't know then, i'd have myself a saleen 281 and spend the difference that i have left on a blower. that way you get the power and the look you want. the 2V motor ain't that bad, take your 2V somewhere that knows what they're doing and you can make them scream like the DOHC.

  10. Ummm... Rick? You do realize that this guy was shopping for a car 7 years ago, right?
  11. Holy Ancient Thread Batman
  12. i have a question about my ic pump. i just change my ic pump , the pump has in and out . the in i connected to the reservoir tank and the out to the heatexchanger. ....i just want to make sure i did the rigth thing.....