Where do I put transmission fluid at???

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  1. I know ya'll are probably thinking wtf?? But yes im a noob, I have a 94 3.8 mustang and I think im low on transmission fluid because its making a loud wining sound, but where do i check the fluid at, I know the automatic has a dip stick near the firewall behind the engine, but I have a 5 speed manual. Cant seem to find it anywhere! Just got the car need help asap! New to the mustang world! Can someone maybe send a pic or something? Would be a lot easier! Thanks loads!!:nice:
  2. The automatic transmission has a dip stick near the right hand side of the firewall.

    The manual transmission does NOT have a dip stick. Normally a manual transmission does not use fluid. So unless there is a leak, a manual tranmission does not use fluid.

    The issue is further complicated because different manual transmissions have different fill levels. Some are fill until it runs out the top "fill plug". Others are re-filled to 3/4" of the top plug. Still others are re-fill with a specific amount of fluid.

    Do you have a leak?
  3. Yes I do! We noticed it when we pulled the axel to check the bearings, all was fine. I replaced a seal while I already had it out. I think I may be just low on fluid, but was hoping I could just add some! Again its a 5 speed manual 3.8L 1994 mustang. Thanks!! Cant drive it till I figure this out!! :(
  4. What seal did you replace? Do you mean you pulled the driveshaft? If you actually pulled the axles and saw a leak, your diff is probably the source of the noise.

    If the tranny is low, adding fluid is a real hassle. You need to unscrew a plug in the side of the case from underneath the car and add fluid with a flexible tube. I used an empty Tire Slime bottle that was washed and rinsed and put some vinyl tubing over the nozzle. Any bottle you can squeeze should work, and the clear tubing helps you see how it's going.

    I didn't know about the different fill levels. I thought all T-5s were supposed to be filled to the bottom of the fill plug! So far no problems with my tranny since I did the clutch a year ago, so I guess it's happy...
  5. Hey! No we pulled the axle out from the drivers side rear thinking it was a bad bearing, but the axle had no wear and the bearing was fine, so I just replaced the seal out at the end of the axle right in front of the bearing since we already had it out. Hadnt been changed ever, so I figured it was about time. Im thinking the noise im hearing comming from the transmission is because its low on fluid, so the gears arnt being lubricated so its gonna make a wining noise to me, thinking thats it...hoping! Because I dont wanna spend 7-800 on a used tranny! Also I know that Im hearing some noise from the drivshaft and I already know that they had a recall on my vehicle and that was fixed in the past, but because of the 4 15's and the wall in the back its adding more weight to the car and my driveshaft is now hitting the Emerg. brake bracket in 2 diff. places. So I guess im going to have to take the wall and the 15's out! The car is lowered also which doesnt help, and its almost impossible to get my on most lifts, thats why its gonna be hard for me to add fluid to the tranny, with having to jack it up to get to it. But I guess thats what you get with a show car gone daily driver! But yes, the main noise im talking about is deff. comming from the tranny and Im just going to try and find where to put the fluid in at, hoping that fixes the problem because like I said when we jacked the rear up to mess with the axle, we noticed a leak comming from the tranny, and it was deff tranny fluid!
  6. even though no one wants to help me on my post, I'll tell you an easy way. Unscrew the shift knob, take off the shifter boot, then unscrew the 2 bolts holding the shifter on. Then unbolt the four bolts under that. Then there are 4 more bolts to unbolt. Then pour the fluid in there. Pour slow, a good way to test if it has enough fluid is to remove that bolt on the transmission (stated above). Once it starts to dribble out, then you know your full.
  7. Thanks a lot bro! One question is it necessary to take out the fill plug when adding the fluid through the top like you said. Just watched a video on exactly what you were telling me, see my problem is getting the car off the ground or onto a lift for that matter, car is really low. Thats why im asking. Thanks!!
  8. i have a 99 v6 w thw same problem ever since i swapped transmissions.my car is lowered as well, i took the plug out the side of the tranny (3/8" drive) filled it w flexable hose till oil poured out. it didnt make the nose go away but i have had no problem for months if your fluids fine u should b good
  9. I'm not sure if anybody is straight yet but my quick input-
    Pulling stick shift is for trans fluid. Our cars have to use Mobil1 Automatic Fluid. I filled it from the trunk last time and gravity worked.
    Differential fluid must be clear also (not grey and lumpy as I've seen) 85 or 90 weight synthetic gear oil. Friction modifyer additive for tru-trac ect.
    Usually noise is from differential or transmission pilot bearing
    Hope thats a little help.