Where do you guys buy your tires

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Where do you buy your tires?

  1. Online: TireRack

  2. Online: Discount Tires

  3. Online: Ebay

  4. Online: Other

  5. Local Chain

  6. Local Private

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  1. Since tires often cost more than wheels it's usually important to find a good deal. Where do you?
  2. I usually only order online. I do not have a trust in any of my local tire shops for pricing and I've bought tires from Tire Rack, Discount, eBay (Discount's seller), American Muscle and truck tires off other sites too.
  3. American muscle is a good deal sometimes, but limited selection for sure.
  4. Igot mine from AM. They had the best price.
  5. Tire Rack, Discount Tire Direct, Summit. In that order. I've found deals at each. Well if you call ET Streets a deal.
  6. Discount tire chain store. You can talk them down or get mount/balance free generally.
  7. I have 4 vehicles including my work Van. I've made friends with the manager of my discount tire over the last 14 years. He matches every price on tires found online and charges me no shipping. If your discount tire won't match, then go with Tirerack or whoever can ship your tires the cheapest.
  8. I ordered mine from American Muscle.

    I got some off Ebay a few years ago and I had a terrible vibration. Come to find out, the tires were bad and I ended up having to replace them, so I basically ended up paying for tires twice.
  9. tirebuyer.com
  10. The local Discount Tire. I scratch your back, you scratch mine kind of deal. I take care of him and all of his employees and, he takes care of me and mine.
  11. I don't know why tiurerack doesn't carry more brands, tho
  12. Your back! What are you driving now??

    Usually I get mine from Discount Tire Direct
  13. You buy online, you still have to pay for mounting, balancing (either at the online warehouse of you bought new wheels or, at a local tire shop) and shipping. By the time you are done with it all, you will still spend about the same as doing everything at the local tire shop.

    Btw, I payed $600 out the door for my 245/45r17 Dunlop Dirreza DZ 101's with road hazzard by buying local. I couldn't touch that with the online guys.
  14. A couple different vehicles. Still got a mustang, although not a daily.
  15. I seem to have all the luck in the world when it comes to my car :(

    I bought both my wheels from stangmods and tires from AM for a great price. I took them to Pep Boys to get them mounted/balanced (only because Discount Tire was closed and I wanted the wheels on IMMEDIATELY). They want $80 for the mount/balance. However, while mounting the last wheel (rear with the lip) the tech gouged/scratched the :poo: out of the lip on the wheel. They paid for a new rim and gave me the mount/balance for free :D
  16. Haha, wow. How do they do that? Dont modern tire machines not even touch the wheel?
  17. Discount tire, last set was only $1200, yay... :(
  18. They used some machine with steel clamps that grips one side of the wheel while the tire is laid on top on he other end. There's some sort of wedge that pops the tire on as the clamps rotate the wheel. Apparently because of the big lip on the wheel, it slipped off the clamps midway through the rotation, scratching the living crap out of the polished lip :shrug: