Where do you put all your stickers

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  1. ive got a decent sticker collection from some of my parts and was wondering where you guys stuck em
  2. Most of mine end up on my tool box or my garage work bench. I do have a few under the hood, but only the stickers from the expensive parts..
  3. I put them on the refridgerator in my Dad's garage.

    It's a full size refridgerator and we're running out of room. Time to start putting them on the side. :D

  4. You can stick them on a toolbox. :shrug:

    I have them on a shelf. Stickers don't belong on cars... :notnice:
  5. i was thinking of plastering mine all over my computer

    "whoa dude does ur computer have a flowmaster exhaust?"
  6. that's where I put mine. But I dont have any good ones since I've gone domestic.
  7. the garbage :(
  8. ive put my three on my tool box, under the hood is good if youhave a nice car, or back window, or our quarter windows are goood places :nice:
  9. I have a Bassani Sticker on my PC Monitor and a Bassani Sticker on my toolbox, along with a techtonics sticker.
  10. the only stickers I really have that aren't in the trash are the borla ones I put in the quarter windows. It helps cut down a bit on the "what exhaust you got on there?" question some...
  11. Any and every free space in the garage... :D

  12. I have kept all sticker off the outside of my car except one... a small American flag on the top of the back window. :flag:
  13. i put them on my car, they add extra 25hp for each one :D
  14. you have a lift :hail2:

    we might be gettin one this summer...I can't wait...if we do it'll be time for me to fab up some SFC's that will fit with my side exhaust. :banana:
  15. They actually make working on the car fun....I had this 3yrs now...best tool I own.... :D
  16. you guys with the lifts need to live closer so i can use them jacking up my car is a ****

    I got my stickers laying around here on my computer desk
  17. Stack up the stickers till they are thick enough to drive your car up onto as ramps. Haha just kidding :D

    I know how ya feel...I've been tryin to find someone with a lift for years...still lookin. Looks like the only way I'm gonna get to use one is if I have my own.
  18. hell just finding someone with a garage i can use is hard enough i got the car on jack stands out in the stones and dirt in my driveway hope it don't sink when it rains
  19. i put my stickers on random ricers, especially if they are for mustang parts!
  20. mine are in a pile in my room they will prolly go on the tool box sometime that would be my guess.