Where do your clutches Engage/Disengage??

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  1. I think my clutch cable/quadrent are shot.. i cant adjust it anymore by pulling the pedal up.. I do have a new cable and adj quadrent in my garage, just never had the time to put it in

    Sould it engage/disengage, HIGH up the pedal?? or close to the floor.. My pedal sags with alot of play and engages/disengages near the floor.. the pdeal doesnt have that far of travel like any other stang i drive... Sometimes on a hard 1st to 2nd shift, i will grind it.. Would a bad cable give me my problems?.. the trans i bought rebuilt with a 6 month warrenty and i hope its not the syncros.... 1st to second IS usually a smooth shift.. doesnt pop out or anything... Just sometimes when i shift hard, it will grind
  2. Im 6'2" and my clutch engadges very high (top of pedal travel). I wish it would engadge sooner. But i dont think you can change were the clutch engages, can u?
  3. get a new quadrant, adjustable cable, and firewall adjuster. if u get both adjustable parts u can liek totally customize it...firewall adjust where it grabs and cable asjusts pedal hieght. i have the steeda 3 piece kit and love it. Joe your quadrant is fried. just go get that 3 piece steeda off ebay its 98 shipped. or just get a firewall adjuster for teh 2 parts u have already. o and mine grabs dead center with about 1 inch of play if u put your foot UNDER the pedal and pull up..i dont know what that little bit of play is but it doesnt affect normal driving (like i dont even feel that play unless i pull up first) and thats just something i dicovered not that i alwyas pull up first lol
  4. So with those 3 peices I can set where i want my pedal to ingage (roughly) without having to worry about burning up my clutch do to incorrect adjustment?


  5. I have the firewall adjuster too, you can change were it engages. It is actually very very nice. Before I had it the clutch engaged right off of the floor and any non-intentional movement was enough to stall the car. :shrug:
  6. ehh too bad i bought it already.. it is a Downs ford adj cable and clutch.. didnt come with a firewall adjster tho

    Also, would this cause occassional grinds on a hard shift??
  7. 93vert what setup are u using

    How long/hard is ythe install.


  8. I use a UPR triple pickup quadrant with the UPR extreme firewall adjuster (or some crap like that). I also use a UPR adjustable cable, but I would suggest going with a ford motorsport cable instead. Otherwise, the UPR stuff works really well and is anodized a cool blue color

    As far as the install, the hardest part is getting the old 2 piece quadrant out. There is a large piece that comes out pretty easily and then there is a smaller piece above it that does not come out so easily, due to some bracing behind the dash. Fortuantely with a decent pry bar you can bend this bracing through the clutch cable hole in the firewall. This will make sense when you get to see first hand what I am talking about. It is also necessary to remove the seat so you can lie on your back and reach under the dash. Hopefully you are not a big person because I am only 5'10 and getting my arms underneath the dash was a tight fit. Don't try to take apart the pedal assembly like I did or you will be in for a big headache :nonono: The last thing you mignt need to know is that when installing the new adjustable clutch cable you might need to cut some of the adjustable end depending on how you adjust it so that the cover can be bolted back on. On my car though the majority of the slack in the cable is taken up with the firewall adjuster. Good luck :nice:
  9. yes, sort of...if u dont adjust it right it might not fully engage/disengage so i have to do it right....

    and as for the grinding...it could possibly be the quadrant and stuff b/c it might not be fully engaging/disengaging like said above.

  10. What is the proper way to adjust the pedal height while still having it engauge corretly.


  11. Mine is high also.
  12. Old School

    I have the FMS quadrant and cable,, it doesnt do too bad. I think I will get a firewall adjuster though. 3-4" off of the floor is where the clutch grabs.

    I drove a car with the promotion air gap set up.. Sweet feel and awesome powershifts! Just gotta lay down the big $$

    its through Anderson in clinton , IL
  13. Do you have a web address???

    Sounds intresting...


  14. I run the Pro motion firewall adjuster, quadrant on my coupe. Look around on AFM's site.. www.andersonfordmotorsport.com . I keep the pedal release up high...so its just a tap of the clutch pedal for quicker shifts. Make sure you don't go to high, will prematurely wear out the clutch.

    The release point in the gt is about half way...roughly where the other pedals are at rest.
  15. my new clutch starts to engage 2 inches off the floor and is fully ingaged at mid way. Mine is adjustable at the fork with a threaded rod and 2 nuts. I have aftermarket quadrant,and cable, No fire wall adjutser.
  16. Bracing modification

    I'm in the process of installing the Steeda 3-piece kit with the adjustable cable. At this point, I can't get the quadrant between the bracing and the end of the bar it goes onto. You said you bent the bracing through the hole the clutch cable goes through, any problem with bending the hole itself? I don't want to screw anything up with putting the firewall adjuster back in!
  17. I also stuck a small jack handle through there and bent the brace just a little. Then the pawl slid right off. It didnt take much pressure and the firewall didnt bent at all. I did it from the engine bay side, then poked my finger through and pushed it off. you will be so relieved when it comes out! Make sure all the springs are off it first, wear safety glasses when removing/breaking them.