Where have all the Mustangs gone???

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  1. As you know i have been searching Massachusetts for a mustang to build for my daughter a project with no luck but bad luck. Where in blue blazes have they all gone to. still looking but the prices keep going up and up I found one when i went to look at it it was split in half, shells they want more for than the remade shells
    But I rant on sorry guys and gals.
  2. Good luck in your quest. They are getting harder to find and the ones you do find the owner watched Barrett Jackson and thinks they have a $50,000 car. A lot of coups have been re done as fast backs, A lot of Eleanors have been built using nice S, A and even R codes as donors, but don't lose faith, there are still plenty to be had. It just takes more effort and patience.
  3. Probably doesnt help that your in the north east. That whole upper part of the world is where cars go to rust and die.
  4. There is some decent buys here in ct. What years and body style and you looking for?
  5. Looking for 67-68 coupe or convert the ideal car would be a fastback but fat chances on that. what you got willing to look at almost anything at this point...
  6. Geeze, why are you even bothering to look in the North East? Go South and West to Texas - Arizona - California . . . half the price - half the rust - half the work.
  7. True that. The next time I project shop in anger I will spend more time looking out west and ship it.
  8. I live in the northeast and with my work don't have time to run all over to look at cars. As for rust i have been dealing with rusted out cars for a long long time they dont bother me in the least
  9. Some of them are hiding in the woods here in Arizona.
  10. I found a bone yard in NH that has a few going this week to look, I have most of the parts here to rebuild one. wish me some good luck!
  11. Don't forget to take a camera!
  12. +1, and ship it. It also helps if you can find people who restore them for a living, thats how i found mine. Luckily I'm only about 10 miles away from the guy so one day he said i've got this nice 68' coupe comming in from nevada, wana take a look?

    the rest is history :) as an FYI, i got a rust free coupe with a non-working motor for about 8k. IF you work with an honest guy they'll sell them for what they're worth.
  13. Well i got to the bone yard looked around in the rain and cold why in the hell do people think 89 mustangs and 93 are classics. On to the next yard this week no rain i hope.
  14. I guess they consider any car thats over 20 years old to be a classic.
  15. A friends neighbor has a '65 I think but a fastback with a 289. Orangeish original looking faded paint. I think they wanted 15-20k, cant remember but I thought it was too much. Probably not much if any rust if it was in San Jose it's whole life. You can use allofcraigs.com to search all of the craigs lists in the US at once.


    PS- Don't forget Falcons! My '64 factory V8 convertible. Mom's cousin bought it new, I have had it since high school in the mid eighties.




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  16. Heck I have a good candidate car here in az. $2k but shipping will be as much as the darn car. 1968 coupe Factory 289 auto AC car mostly complete I just ended up going for one I could drive while I work on it.
  17. I pick one up in Springfield 67 good price and good project. Just got eng fired up blew out all kinds of nests in exhaust system acorns just loaded 289 4bbl 58k on clock all the goodies inside one lower patch on rear and some eletrical work interior needs replacing Now she has a name Kimcode due to k code and my daughters name is Kim Picts of progress will be posted soon
  18. That's awesome that you found something.

    It's a tough area...


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