Where is PCV valve??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by SThomas, May 7, 2007.

  1. I just got a new pcv valve so i can install it for my 02 mustang GT...
    ..now...where is the PCV valve???? how do you change em?
  2. right side in the middle of the cam cover, hope you bought an OEM Ford one:D
  3. right side valve cover???? driver or pas side???? whats connected to it?

    i need details..im kinda retarted. o and yea I got the ford one Part# D9ZZ-6a666-a


  4. well, you got the wrong one as the D9ZZ-6A666-A fits 2001 back.
    2002 up Mustangs use a 1/4 turn/twist-in one and the part # for the "pre-heated" PCV valve is 2C5Z-6A666-AA or for a Non-heated one its 2X4Z-6A666-AA

    oh and the rightside is the passenger side of the car
  5. ok thanks!

    you would think that if one went to a ford dealers parts counter and asked for a PCV valve for a mustang GT..they would give you the right part... Apparently ford dont know there cars parts. Randy? can u get me one?

    i know you from Mustangboards.com

  6. well I can't speak for my "counter-parts" in this business:rolleyes: but Im starting to hear this alot more:nonono:

    we sure can order one if you like:D do you want the $30.00 pre-heated one or the $10.00 non heated one? and I'll have to order it, about 1 day toget
  7. I would like the NON heated one. let me know if your need anymore info.
  8. nah, Im good. I'll try and have one here tomorrow. will keep you posted:D
  9. thanks for your help randy..its Appreciated!!!!!
  10. Not to hijack, but whats wrong with a non Motorcraft one? I bought a Purolator to replace mine.
  11. aftermarket ones are not made to Ford spec's and can have a larger orifice which draws more vapor's and clogges-up the IAC and fills the lower intake wth a oily mess

    p.s. ST your PCV valve is here, give me a call when you can
  12. I have to ask, whats the difference between heated and non-heated?

  13. well, heat :rlaugh:

    somewhere along the lines the Wiz Kids in Dearborn had a problem wth PCV valves frezzing-up in cold climates and thought the whole counrty needed to have pre-heated PCV valves, total BS if you ask me
  14. A call? ok whats the #???
  15. :hail2:

    I figured it would be heat, just didn't know what the need for heated would be. I grew up in Michigan and still have family there, never heard of a PCV freezing up.
  16. is it okay to replace a heated one (Im assuming 04s have heated) with a non heated? as you can see from my local, i have plenty of it :).

  17. 410-655-2000 x 5618 and Im omly here till 11am today, be back tomorrow and off fri till monday
  18. yup, sure can. the non heated one is part # 2X4Z-6A666-AA
  19. This is probably a rhetorical question, but why, when I ask the local ford parts guy for a pcv valve for a 2002 Mustang GT, does he give me PN D9ZZ-6A666-A?
  20. Heh, parts counter...no pun intended :D

    Sorry :-/