Electrical Where It Is Connected?

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  1. there are 3 wires going to the oxygen sensor connector (driver side), but along with those 3 cable is a cable with a piece as seen in the photo, where it is connected and that connector is?

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  2. Neutral safety switch.
  3. thanks, could be the cause of the code 67?
  4. Yes.
  5. thanks again, I have left these codes: KOEO = 34 (I have that change my valve EGR) and KOER: 34 and 92 (I had the 41 and 91, I changed the 2 Sensors of oxygen and now had the code 92, after a week to check the codes again the 41 and 91, and after 2 weeks, today I checked and I have the code 92, I'll have to open a new topic)
  6. Any time you change a sensor, disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. It clears the computer's memory of the codes and sensor settings. The computer will "relearn" the settings for the new sensor and make the necessary settings. It takes 15-30 minutes of steady speed highway driving for it to get the computer to used to the new sensor data.
  7. Maybe Im missing something, but that broken connector in the picture is not for the NSS. Its for the Low Oil Level Sensor.
  8. Definitely the Low Oil Level sensor. I just got a new O2 sensor harness and it has the 2 O2 sensor connectors and 1 for low oil level sensor.