where should i start modding?

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  1. so my brother works at a performance shop now. he told me hes gets 20% off list price. so that and ill just have him do the work at the shop in his spare time for free i should get parts really cheap. so first thing i want in a dual exhaust. im leaning towards the magnaflow. the next 3 mods after that i want are gear i gues 3.73 would be sufficent, a t lok, and a tuner. not sure what tuner. i here good things about xcal and good things about diablo. ill find out what they sell at my brothers shop. oh they have a dyno and everything there. so after the new year i hope to be modding quick. i just need the holiday to be over. plus ill be making more money in january.

    so anyway sorry for the rant the real ? out of the 3 gears tlok and tuner. what would the best order of getting them be?
  2. Get the tuner first, and then get dyno tuned. Then put the T-LOK and gears in together, as you will have the rear opened up. Then you will have to tune again. OR do all three at once!!! :D

    I would put the gears and T-LOK in together, even if it meant waiting a while.

    Damn, but you are lucky!!!

  3. Yep, what he said...get a base dyno, then a tuner\dyno. Also, I would get the following:

    • CAI
    • Exhaust
  4. yeah i said exhaust i want a cai too. i forgot to list it. yeah i think ill do that. ill get the exhuast. then ill get a tuner and cai. then gears an tloks and ill be set. well atleaste till i save up 5k for a supercharger.
  5. I went with exhaust first... got the tone I was seeking... really, very happy and noticed a nice difference in performance.

    But, I just had a Bamachips X-cal II tune and C&L intake put in... Woah! Now that's a difference! I would have gone with that first, had the C&L been out earlier.

    A t-lok is next... now that one wheel breaks loose far, far too readily!
  6. Mattzts, what color is your Stang? Get some chrome Bullitts and some 17s or 18s :D
  7. its silver. i want some performace parts before wheels. dont worry bullits are in the plans. i want black with polished lip. 17x10s for the rear and 17x9s in the front. then the stock rims will get some studded snow tires for winter.
  8. Nothing wrong with getting the exhaust first, lots do people do, but your best "bang for your buck," as far as initial performance goes, will be a CAI and a tuner.

    My gas pedal is a much more initimate part of my car now. Since I am breaking in the gears and TT, I haven't floored it yet, but I do not need to. I usually only push it down a quarter to zip along, and half has me shooting ahead of the crowd. :nice:

    My advice is to you, especially since you have a discount on parts and labor, is to take it in stages and mod two things at a time.

    1. CAI and Tune
    2. Gears and T-LOK
    3. Exhaust & headers

    These mods will work in synergy, and by the time your headers and exhaust go on, you will have the exhaust flow that will benefit from duals.

    Remember, tune after EVERY mod to get the benefits from them. That is why I recommend the "2 at a time" approach. Requires more patience, but you will have an awesome ride. :nice:

    But to each his own. We all place value on different things. I really want the deep exhaust tone but decided to wait and install with headers for that synergy I spoke of. Just my .02
  9. I bet that CAI and tune flowing through your headers and dual exhaust feels and sounds awesome! What kind of numbers are you putting down? You should have me beat!
  10. Very caluclated man, you are gonna be dangerous next track season. I will look forward to seeing you kick some import ass next season. :nice:
  11. Nice input Excepcion. I agree totally. Top down reengineering via modification tends to yield better results than a modge-podge of ill thought bolt-ons. I would tend to do:

    1. CAI and Tune
    2. Exhaust & headers
    3. Gears and T-LOK
    4. Suspension and Wheels/Tires

    With additional input of air in the combustion stroke via the CAI it will fair better for the long-term to then modify for exhaust stroke and back-pressure from the stock manifold via headers and exhaust.

    All in all a well rounded plan of attack.

    Good luck
  12. They do feel and sound great! I'll get a dyno fairly soon before I do any other mods (t-lok and gears are probably next). I'm trying out the 91 octane performance tune on the next tank of gas.

    Your numbers are really amazing... If I can get anywhere near those, I'd be a happy camper!

  13. You should be able to get to those numbers, remember that Doug tuned a manual with the same tune you have an dual exhaust to 208RWHP which is absolutely awesome.
  14. Dual exhaust and headers? You'll beat me, my friend! I MIGHT get you on low-end torque, but with a 91 tune (especially if the dyno-tech customizes it) and your set-up, you should beat my RWHP. Until I mod again..... MWAHAHAHAHA!! (Attempt at an evil laugh).
  15. T-lok, gears, tune, rear sway bar if you don't have one already
  16. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, hamidlmt's the only one I know with JBA headers and exhaust, both of which are designed to work with each other. And theres no doubting Dougs tune, but......if his headers help air flow, I'm wondering if a dyno session by Doug or someone else can yield a Hp or 2. LOL.

    Can't wait to see how this one pans out!
  17. haha! I just filled up my tank today and reflashed with the 91 octane torque tune... fun fun! :nice:
  18. Rygen... I'll see about getting a dyno run before the year is out.
  19. Thanks man, just speculating...no pressure. You are unique, you are the only 6 banger with headers. :nice: But your ride is comming along nicely. So how does she handle now that you put the higher oct tune on?