where to buy fr500 seats

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  1. umm ya????
    does anyone have pictures?
  2. I've got the fr500 wheel but I never heard of these seats. Do they actually exists?
  3. I believe that they are really a kit that you have to have an upolstry shop install. I don't remember whether is was here or on the Corral, but about a year ago someone posted photos of his FR-500 seats. They looked great.
  4. i think ford has them i saw it in their catalog
  5. o they exist
    theres a couple
    pics of them on here

    i wanna go with the whole fr500 package
    teh steering wheel and seats
  6. Yep they exist. I just installed mine.

    They are the ****a, let me tell you. And they do not "need: pro install. I did mine and they are tight and wrinkle free.

    If I had a digital cam I would take a pic. They leather colors match the factory colors perfectly.
  7. here are mine... i didn't put them on.. the dealer did when i got the car new.

  8. Are they covers?
  9. lol.. no. who would pay $1300+ for seat covers.
  10. The reason I asked is that they look like stock seats for the most part. The headrest are clearly different and I see additional side bolstering. For 1300+ though my money would go to Sparco or something like that. I've always hated Ford seats so these had better be special for that kind of money!
  11. There is additional bolstering in the seat back and bottom. That price includes front and back seat covers and new foam. The leather is also much higher quality than anything from Ford. The cost also includes professional installation and a warranty. Keep in mind Ford has NOTHING to do with the FR500 package other than the Ford Racing logo that appears on it and you can get it without that if you like.

  12. So how much does not having them professionally installed save? I noticed some people on here that did their own.

  13. The price I was quoted for installation was $500. If you install yourself there is no warranty. With installation I believe the warranty is 3 years.
  14. I'm confused. I asked if they were covers and was told no but there is a post on here that says it's front and back covers. The added support, is that padding or actual steel to make the seat stronger? Also, this warranty thing. If they are actual seats then that means four bolts per seats. How could four bolts you install on your own void a warranty? A monkey can install a seat. Who is correct?
  15. The FR500 package uses your existing seat frames. The only thing you get from ClassicSoft Trim which is who makes the kit is leather and new foam to re-cover your existing seat frames. I am not sure if the foam replaces your existing foam or goes over top of it but, the jist is you are just recovering your existing seats, not replacing them.
  16. I'm not trying to instigate, just to understand. Sound to me like the install is as follows:

    1) Take seats out of car
    2) Get old covers off
    3) Replace old foam with new foam (or possibly just add it on top :shrug:).
    4) Put on new seat cover and pull it taut somehow
    5) Reinstall seat in car.

    Did I miss something to this or are these steps a lot more detailed than I imagine? Just seems like $500 is a lot to charge, but I guess that is a day's labor. It does seem that the ones that were professionally installed seem to have less wrinkles. Is that because professionals have better stretching tools or just sheer experience?

  17. I think you pretty much nailed it on the head except you need to add that the $500 installation also buys you a 3 year warranty. I have also noticed that those who opted for professional installation seem to have a much better fit than those who didn't. It also pays to use Classic Soft Trim's dealer search and call all of them close to you because I have gotten very different quotes from different dealers. It pays to shop around.
  18. That's it in a nutshell. There is A LOT more involvement with it, though. It's something best left to a professional, if you aren't really that good with a set of tools.

    The warrenty helps too. Especially if something doesn't fit right. They're only human too, and have a tendancy to "mess" something up.