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  1. I want to throw some 3.73s in my car and rebuild the rear end at the same time, what am I going to need and anyone have some good sites to buy from? This is probably a stupid question (in fact i'm pretty sure i know the answer), but our cars came with trac-lok from the factory correct? Isn't it the same thing as a LSD? Thanks for the help guys!
  2. OK to rebuild the rear end just get the deluxe kit from Summit Racing its pretty inexpensive and works good. Also while at summmit order your 3.73 gears get the motorsport ones. If ya wanna go all out get new axles like 31 spline from moser and get a new posi unit like an auburn or a eaton built for the 31 spline axles then you will have a good secure rearend. Make sure a good shop is doing the install as well. Use synthetic rear end lubricant as well as the additive.
  3. Make summit price match Diversified products marketing price. Its in the MM and FF Mag.

    Price is 139.95 I think.
    Saving money is good...
  4. May want to check ebay or classifieds for the gears. I got a set of Motorsport 3.73's off ebay in great shape for like $75 shipped. Talk to KillerCanary about new axles if your intersted, I think we went through a couple before he found a set that worked.
  5. So did our cars come from the factory with trak-loc or will i need to buy a new differential too?
  6. ttt
  7. Yes, we have trac-lok (and yes, aka LSD :D).

  8. w00t i love you dave! :D