Where to cut when cutting a t-top roof off of a hatch?

Where to cut when cutting a t-top roof off of a hatch?

this is for a t-top conversion

i finally found someone that will sell me the roof and both t-tops for 100 altogether.
all i have to do is cut the roof off. it has a broken windshield so i dont have to save the windshield.

any suggestions on what order to do this all in?
i was thinking:
-remove trunklid
-remove quarter windows unless he doesnt want them saved
-remove door weatherstripping so i dont accidently cut through it?
-phillips to remove sunvisors in order to remove headliner or just leave them attached?

i know i cut some of the windshield frame off with the roof.. how much inches should i cut with it?
how many inches of the trunk lid area should i cut with the roof?

is there anything else i need to take with me?
-extra blades
-all of my extension cords in case its far from an electrical outlet
-hammer in case i need to bust some of the windshield or quarter windows out?
-socket to remove the trunklid and quarter windows and quarter window trim (the plastic piece)

i can find out what size sockets i need for the hatch cuz i have a 87 fox.
is the socket size the same for the quarter windows on a 4 eyed fox that it is on a 87?

i know it should look something like this below.
i'm looking at the pic now and think i understand how much to save
on the windshield frame and trunk lid frame..
just wondering how much of the quarter window area to save?
how far down should i cut?

my car that i wanna put them on a is a 87 hatch.
the junkcar that they're coming off of is a 4 eyed hatch.
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Dec 19, 2002
if u have no body work experiance i would not even attempt to do this ...its a lot of work and if its not done right ull be regreting it


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Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
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If I recall, having had t-tops added to my 79 Capri hatch, (in 1981) all you really need is the t-top backing structure from the donor. I believe it can be removed and reinstalled in your cars roof. I watched them cut the roof on another car I had them installed into. Not for the faint of heart....

You also need the doors and window glass, as well as the weather strip and trim at the mirrors and such.

If you can, get the entire roof section per the photo, so you can take your time and compare the donor to your roof side by side. Iirc, the reinforcement structure installs with big pop rivets.


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Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
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It is, but when the sun is shining, theres nothing like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 79 t-tops have had minor leaks since installation in 81, and I would do it again. It was always one of the features that made the car!!!!!!!!!
i love how a t-top car looks..

i have experience and plan on doing it myself in my shop.

yeah you're right, its just the structure underneith that i need. but i'm gonna get extra off with it..

heres my 98 firebird that i did a conversion on..
did another 98-02 firebird too but cant find the pics right now.
i plan on doing it for me 93 z28 camaro this year too.

i did it all through a write-up on the internet

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