Where to find a 96-98 Cobra rear bumper cover?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by troyizmir, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a new 96-98 Cobra rear bumper cover or an excellant used one? All the stores that list them are out of stock and even Ford has discontinued making them, I had one on backorder for 2 months and they just cancelled the order.

    What is everyones opinion about an aftermarket cover that does not say anything?
  2. Good luck man. I found two at this yard back in the day. I bought them both for 250!!! I brought them back to my shop and sold them for 300 each. I should have kept one of them. I have a 96 Cobra, but hopefully I won't ever need one.
  3. i second this post i have a 95 cobra which the rear bumper says mustang ive been looking for a 96-98 cobra rear bumper and cant find one please let me know where i can get one
  4. There is a guy on Ebay that sells them painted to your color... but I think they are like 800 shipped... ill try to find it
  5. I have an used black OEM 96-98 Cobra rear bumper cover if anyone is interested. I searched for months for one and ended up with two at the same time. Figures?
  6. Cobra bumper cover.

    I have been looking for months as well now and just happened to run across this post. Are you willing to ship. If so how much for the cover shipped to 68137.


  7. I listed front and rear bumper's for sale today in the parts section