Where To Get Misc Parts...

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by RLC, May 25, 2012.

  1. I need some random parts for my 2003 stang. If anyone knows a place to get them or has some to sell let me know! Here's what I'm looking for...
    1. Clips for the headliner...two of them that hold it up where it meets the back window
    2. I don't know what to call it... the large piece just above the back seats. If you fold down the seats you can see the 3 bolts that hold it in. The brackets that hold mine in are broke. I doubt there's a way to fix it besides replacement.
    3. Rubber molding where the back window meets the trunk
  2. Umm...I know there are several sites that have everything for vehicles. You can try your local auto stores first.

    Man, I'm drawing a blank on the site names. Let me get back to you
  3. A few I can think of are CJ Pony Parts and RockAuto.com. I think CJ Pony parts would be your best bet
  4. personally i would find a junk yard two reasons, one its alot cheaper than internet sites, plus you'll understand how to put something back in your car.
  5. That is a good idea...problem would be finding one with that car
  6. i usually have no problem finding a mustang at the junkyard because they made alot of them and people wreck them all the time.
  7. Nice. Ya, some areas don't have a lot of junk yards. If you can find them (Mustangs), you gotta make sure it is the year you need.
  8. I have been thinking of going to the junkyard. I'm sure there's a few stangs there. I want to get a few of the clips so i have some JIC. I'd like to get new parts, but they would be expensive. I think I'm going to the ol junkyard then. I was hoping some people on there would have spares lying around. At least the clips. Just gimme a heads up if you find any!
  9. Anything 99-04 will work. "New Edge" stangs.
  10. We don't lol. But ya, the junkyard is always worth a shot...I mean he does have a point. But when all else fails...local auto parts stores, or CJ Pony Parts
  11. Rightio!
  12. Let us know how it goes at the junkyard btw.
  13. Sure will. Maybe I'll find a Mach 1000 stereo while I'm at it!
    Anyone know if a Mach 1000 is plug n play if i already have a 460?
  14. No idea. I stick to the stock radio myself. No sense in getting louder stuff with the cops around here
  15. I live in da middle o nowhere. Louds ok here
    I just want better lows. I listen to dubstep so lows are the main tone
  16. That's the thing, so do I lol. But ya, that's just my own personal opinion
  17. To each their own, my friend.
  18. Aye, that be true!
  19. Mustangs Unlimited - Mustang Parts Superstore - FREE shipping!
    Should have everything you might need- FYI
  20. Ill look there too. Thanks!