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  1. So I went to the junk yard. Got everything I needed and found out there are no pins on the headliner where I thought there were. Just glue. I also picked up a different hood! I had no plans for a hood but it was a good deal. Has hood pins too. I didn't really care for the 2003 v6 hood that came on the car, so I traded for the style that is on all the others. I didn't realize that silver paint's hard to match. So the hood'll probably stay black. Classic stangs came with black hoods. I like the retro look anyways.
  2. You want the retro look, but you have to be careful that it doesn't just make it look like you needed a spare part and never bothered to get it painted
  3. Yeah, thats why im not only going with the black hood. It'll all go together in the end.
  4. Ya. Here is an example of it seeming like it would be a good idea, but didn't turn out right. My personal opinion is he tried, but it definitely isn't for everyone.

  5. Almost same paint scheme as yours, but it looks like crap compared to your ride.
  6. Well, mine is straight. His follows the "hood scoop"...plus it is a flat black with that ugly orange/red color. Like I said, he tried, but it isn't for everyone
  7. I'm sure not everybody'll like the plans for my car. As long as I like it, that's ok, I just want to stand out a bit.
  8. Yep...I can understand that. I know the stripe on my car isn't for everyone. But it let's me stand out. Now anytime I see a white Mustang of that year..it looks too plain to me. I have only ever heard my dad say anything negative about the stripe (he likes to blend in)...perhaps everyone likes it, or perhaps people are just being polite lol. The previous owner did a nice job I think. Just a red stripe that has a pin stripe outline...follows parts of the body for its ends.
  9. We dare to be different!
  10. Yep...but I'm now looking to blend in lol. That cop WILL be looking for me lol. Kinda hard to disappear with a red stripe. It isn't coming off, I'm just saying.
  11. Outmaneuver him! Lol!
    How dark's the tint?
  12. Nahh, them cop cars ain't slow lol. Saw a chase less than a month ago...cops following a crotch rocket. They weren't far behind lol.

    Anyway, idk what the % is...but it is fairly light. I mean, like anything, it also depends on the light outside...but I was pulled over at dusk, so it looked a lot darker. Try and zoom on my profile pic, you can see that it isn't all that dark.
  13. I've talked to the cops around here. There's a state police post a few miles from where i work. One of them came right out and told me that unless my tint was way too dark that nobody would worry about it....and the town where I work is full of picky ass cops. The tint I had on my truck was 5% darker than legal, and I never got pulled over.
  14. Ya...that's the thing. The previous owner had a friend who was an officer who said the same type of thing...which is what we thought the law was. This was coupled with an officer saying the same thing during my driver's ed class.

    But, the officer was a university officer (a sworn officer with county jurisdiction), but works for the university. Since it is summer, I think he just needed a reason to stop someone so he didn't look so bad not getting anyone.
  15. Also, I've been driving the car for 3 years, and not a single cop has said anything until Friday. Now I have a warning on my record, so the next one is a ticket. Believe me, that officer will likely be looking for me
  16. That sucks...so you basically got busted by a "rent-a-cop"...
  17. I'm in Criminal Justice and the instructors have made it very clear that our campus PD are not "rent-a-cops" like most universities lol. They are sworn officers like any other cop and hold county jurisdiction. But that doesn't stop them from being called that lol. The students who work for DPS though are not officers, so all they can really do is write parking tickets and a few other things. They don't have lights on their cars though.
  18. Makes sense. A lot different than most places.
  19. Ya. One of the leaders of the FBI (I don't remember of he is THE leader or not) graduated from my school. The majority of state police posts here have leaders who graduated here, so we are a pretty renowned CJ school. Have our own academy too. Only one in the state which allows you to join any Michigan police station without additional academy training..although I don't remember if we have to for the state police.